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Re: [GreenYes] NSDA Sponsorship of America Recycles Day
I had to deal with this question quite a bit as the executive director of a
nonprofit (NGO) recycling organization.  Ultimately, I feel it is the
responsibly of every individual and every company/organization to support
the community, both through time (volunteering, etc..) and through financial
contributions.  I also feel that it is the responsibility of every NGO to
find a way to involve the community in its endeavors.  It is extremely
important that NGOs work with those who have dissenting opinions as well as
those who support their cause.

A recipient of funding always has to balance numerous factors including:
staying true to a mission,  meeting financial obligations, maintaining
positive perception by the community, and finding the best way to combine
idealism with reality.  As long as a recipient of funding and a contributor
are clear about their relationship, credibility should ultimately remain

A question I used to ask in these situations was "who are we trying to
reach?"   ARD probably does not need to reach people/groups who are already
recycling.  ARD can make a more powerful impact by educating and involving
those who are outside the group of "usual suspects".

I feel that ARD could accept money from the NSDA without compromising its
integrity.  At the same time ARD could officially make it clear that they
disagree with the NSDA stance on container deposits, and that they hope the
NSDA involvement in ARD will be a step towards an enhanced effort to find a
common ground on container deposit legislation.

Mike Risden

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Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2001 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] NSDA Sponsorship of America Recycles Day

> Pat,
> I don't disagree with you.  In my humble opinion, it comes down to a
questoin of whether we feel the credibility and integrity of ARD has been
comprised because we use money from one of the biggest opponents of
legislation aimed at reducing waste.  Has our collective silence been
purchased?  If the answer to either or both of those questions is yes, then
I would support your position to stop taking money from the NSDA.  (On the
other hand, if we can convince them to give enough, maybe we'll bankrupt
them!)  We experienced a similar problem at the local level in the CRA, our
state's' SRO.  The NCSDA is very strong and well represented in our
organization - lots of sponsorship money during the conference.
> B. Wayne Turner
> City of Winston-Salem
> Utilities Division
> phone: (336) 747 8418
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> >>> Pat Franklin <> 11/20/01 04:18PM >>>
> My thoughts on the NSDA sponsorship of ARD . . . . .
> With America Recycles Day (ARD) 2001 behind us, and the prospect of
> yet another year of declining recycling rates for glass, aluminum and
> plastic beverage containers, I find it appalling that the National Soft
> (NSDA) was, again this year, one of the twelve major sponsors of ARD.
> The NSDA is the trade association representing the nation's two major
> soft drink  manufacturers, Coke and Pepsi as well as smaller soda
> and bottlers. While we, as a nation, trash 45 billion soda cans and
> annually, Coke, Pepsi and the NSDA spend hundreds of thousands of
> dollars each year to oppose new and expanded bottle bills, the only proven
> system that can stop the waste associated with their throwaway cans and
> bottles.   And, they continue to work feverishly to defeat existing bottle
> bills
> that are responsible for the lions share of beverage container that do get
> recycled.
> Until the NSDA stops their war on bottle bills they should not be a
> sponsor of America Recycles Day.
> Pat Franklin
> Exec Dir
> Container Recycling Institute
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Interestingly, we received the following press release last night from the
> Local
> Government & Shires Associations of New South Wales, Australia.  It seems
> they, too, have a beef with the beverage industry.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> (14 November 2001, Sydney, Australia) -- National Recycling Week
> provides a good opportunity to consider the environmental, social
> and economic value of recycling, according to the Local Government
> and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA).
> "Every year during National Recycling Week the beverage and packaging
> industry feed us selective information. It is time the public was made
> aware of all the facts about the industry," said Cr Peter Woods OAM,
> President of the Local Government Association of NSW.
> "The beverage and packaging industry produces massive quantities of
> worthless single use containers and generates substantial profits which
> they use to pad the campaign coffers of the major political parties.
> "Meanwhile, they urge the public to 'do the right thing' by recycling
> unnecessary containers and councils are left with problem of picking up
> worthless materials which cannot be economically recycled. It is time to
> pull the plug on this sham," said Cr Woods.
> Cr Mike Montgomery, President of the Shires Association of NSW,
> stated that rural councils are under huge pressure from the State
> Government and industry, through the 'National Packaging Covenant', to
> get involved in kerbside recycling.
> "The fact is, kerbside collection is even less viable in regional areas,
> due to the huge distances involved in collection of the materials and
> dispatching them to markets, limited as they are. Kerbside collection
> will simply milk the already battling rural sector even further."
> Crs Woods and Montgomery have called a meeting of all mayors on
> Wednesday 21 November.
> "Councils across NSW, rural and metro, are united in their call for
> action," said Cr Montgomery.
> "We shall be seeking absolute assurances from industry that it will ensure
> the economic, environmental and social sustainability of recycling. We
> seek a commitment from Bob Carr's government that the CDL Inquiry Report
> will be released and duly considered. Without these assurances, kerbside
> recycling may well grind to a halt as contracts come up for renewal,"
> concluded Cr Montgomery.
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> Pat Franklin
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