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[GreenYes] America Recycles Day 2001 Press Release
Dear GRRN,

Pasted below is the America Recycles Day 2001 Press Release. Please distribute it to all the media outlets at your disposal. If you would like a formatted MS Word version as an attachment, a mailed hard copy or a faxed copy let me know.

Thanks for all you do for ARD!

George Rutherford



Contact: George Rutherford
America Recycles Day, Inc.



Alexandria, VA – November, 2001 – On November 15, millions of
people will learn about recycling and make a commitment to
increase their recycling activities and to purchase more products
made from recycled materials. Now in its fifth year, the America
Recycles Day (ARD) campaign continues to educate the country
about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of recycling
and buying recycled. Communities in all fifty states, the District of
Columbia, and Puerto Rico are holding America Recycles Day events.

Local events for this year’s celebration of ARD range from an “Art
From Scrap” contest and an event where high school students will
replace used oil with reformulated oil in California to curbside
recycling contests held in Washington, DC and Connecticut. Other
special events include proclamations and ceremonies hosted by
local and state officials nationwide, a recycled fashion show in
Illinois and a cell phone recycling event in New Jersey. In
Kentucky, ARD and recycling education have been integrated into
the school curriculum. In addition, Home Depot is hosting many
events nationwide and Staples, ARD’s newest national sponsor, is
hosting buy recycled events in select stores.

Jim Jeffords, a U.S. Senator from Vermont says, “I was pleased to
take part in a public service announcement that
supports Vermont's efforts in this year's America Recycles Day.
America Recycles Day is a great reminder to Americans of how
important recycling year-round is to our communities. If we all
made just a little contribution to our local recycling efforts, we
could make a huge difference toward improving our nation's

South Carolina’s ARD State Coordinator Holly Storey says, “We’ve
seen a tremendous surge of interest from our schools in America
Recycles Day.” New this year is a nationwide radio public service
announcement campaign, recorded by nationally renowned
celebrities including Richie Havens, Blythe Danner, Tony Randall,
and Jacqueline Bisset. Their testaments for recycling can also be
heard on the ARD website.

Event organizers are offering three regional recycled product prize
packages as incentives to those who make a pledge to begin or
increase their recycling and buy recycled activities in the coming
year. The prize packages include a wide range of recycled-content
products such as playground equipment from Snider and
Associates, a case of Great White recycled- content copy paper, a
recycled steel barbecue grill, a case of recycled-content floppy
diskettes from GreenDisk, a recycled-content rubber mat from the
Environmental Tire Company (O.N.E.), a recycled-content worm
composting bin from Greenline Products, a recycled plastic bench
and children’s Adirondack chair from The Plastic Lumber
Company, earth-friendly skin care products from Aveda packaged
in recycled-content materials, and a reusable cloth bag filled with
environmentally-friendly cleaning products from Seventh Generation.

Fred Krupp, Executive Director of Environmental Defense, one of
ARD’s founding organizers says, "Now is the perfect time to help
save energy and natural resources by recycling everything we can
and by purchasing recycled-content products when we shop.” Last
year, more than 3.3 million Americans took the recycling pledge.
To find out about ARD events in your community, pledge online, or
for more information about the campaign, visit the ARD website at

America Recycles Day, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization,
which sponsors the annual ARD campaign. America Recycles
Day, Inc. is sponsored by 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance,
Environmental Defense (formerly Environmental Defense Fund),
Ford Motor Company, The Home Depot, National Recycling
Coalition, National Soft Drink Association, Office of the Federal
Environmental Executive, Recycling Coalition of Texas, Solid
Waste Association of North America, Staples, U.S. Conference of
Mayors, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Waste

# # #

George Rutherford
America Recycles Day, Inc.
1727 King Street #105
Alexandria, VA 22314-2720

Phone 703/683-1605 or 703/683-9025 x226
FAX 703/683-0031 or 703/683-9026

America Recycles Day is November 15th!
Are you ready? Ask me how YOU can get involved!


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