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[GreenYes] tires

We have a number of technical reports on powdered rubber applications on
our web site,  In terms of determining market size
and growth, I'd contact the scrap tire management council, or scrap tire
news (

The steps a compnay would have to take to get funding and licensing would
vary depending on the state as well as the technology and source of funds.
If it is a new technology, they would want to get a patent and there is a
federal process for doing that.  If they are licensing an existing
technology, they'd have to enter into an agreement with the holder of the
technology, and what they would have to do for that would depend on what
the licensor wanted from the licensee.  In addition, each state has
regulations on the reuse of waste materials in certain applications.  In
Massachusetts a beneficial use determination might be needed.  You should
contact your environmental regulatory agency in Michigan and ask them.  

Funding steps would be dependent on whether they wanted to get a bank loan,
venture capital, get public money in the form of a bond or loan, go public,
etc.--there are pros and cons to each and the company should get someone
knowledgable in business to help in this decision.  Go to
for some contacts in your state in recycling business assistance. Some
state governments have money for assistance, and it varies by state.  In
Massachusetts we have a recycling loan fund that provides gap financing.
Other states have other programs and each has their own process.  

I hope that is of some help.

Amy Perlmutter

Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 12:38:03 -0800
From: "Gabriel Gerenstein" <>
Subject: [GreenYes] Questions from Michigan


	My name Gabe Gerenstein and I am a senior at the University of Michigan
Business School. I am doing a project for a marketing class about rubber
recycling from scrap tires. More specifically in the form of crumb rubber. I
have written down a few questions I have about this industry. I would really
appreciate it if some of you could provide me with some assistance,
especially with recycling in the state of Michigan.

1)	How can I determine the market size and growth for crumb rubber in the US
and Michigan?
2)	What are the steps a company takes to get funding and licensing, how long
does it take?
4)	Is there any kind of guidance and/or monetary assistance provided by the
federal/local government?
5)	What is the difference between states in terms of easiness of
establishing the company and local government help?
6)	How competitive is the application process and receiving money from the
government and other sources?

	Thank you, also please let me know of any other contacts or organizations I
should contact to find out more info.


Gabe Gerenstein
University of Michigan Business School


Amy Perlmutter
Executive Director
Chelsea Center for Recycling and
Economic Development
University of Massachusetts
Chelsea, MA 02150
617-887-2300/fax 617-887-0399
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