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[GreenYes] Questions from Michigan

	My name Gabe Gerenstein and I am a senior at the University of Michigan
Business School. I am doing a project for a marketing class about rubber
recycling from scrap tires. More specifically in the form of crumb rubber. I
have written down a few questions I have about this industry. I would really
appreciate it if some of you could provide me with some assistance,
especially with recycling in the state of Michigan.

1)	How can I determine the market size and growth for crumb rubber in the US
and Michigan?
2)	What are the steps a company takes to get funding and licensing, how long
does it take?
4)	Is there any kind of guidance and/or monetary assistance provided by the
federal/local government?
5)	What is the difference between states in terms of easiness of
establishing the company and local government help?
6)	How competitive is the application process and receiving money from the
government and other sources?

	Thank you, also please let me know of any other contacts or organizations I
should contact to find out more info.


Gabe Gerenstein
University of Michigan Business School

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