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Dear C. William,

This is undoubtedly a serious problem that someone needs to be
addressing, but I hardly think that GRRN should divert its scarce
resources into something like this.

The GRRN is a powerful and successful national voice for a
Zero Waste society, and has done some incredibly effective
campaigns such as the COKE Broke Its Promise campaign
which has resulted in a major global
corporation being moved by a grassroots wildfire of protest (that
eventually included the socially-responsible investment community).
And there have been other remarkable successes ... but the
bottom-line is still the bottom-line ... and the truth is that GRRN
is just a tiny staff in a tiny office with tiny financial resources
available to it.  We are David fighting Goliath and need all
progressive people on GreenYes to send in a check for at
least $50 per year to keep the GRRN alive and kicking ....
or send whatever you can ... the money is important but just as
important is that you sent something so that GRRN can then go
to larger Foundations and prove to them that we have widespread
support ... and that is a key to fundraising.

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director

C E F G wrote:

>     What will GRRN do about this?
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> WASHINGTON, DC, Novembeer 1, 2001 (ENS) - In 27 states, owners of
> underground storage tanks can continue to accept fuel deliveries even if
> the tanks are leaking in violation of federal environmental law,
> according
> to the director of natural resources and environment for the General
> Accounting Office, Congress's investigative arm.
> For full text and graphics visit:
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> Regards, C. William
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> "Everyday should be an Earth Day."
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