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Re: [GreenYes] energy supply
Helen Spiegelman wrote:
> To Muna's thoughtful comments I will add a suggestion that we consider
> pricing issues.

agreed... I am working on exactly that, with the particularly pertinent
(here in SA) the issue of job creation around the various

> In the 24 August edition of Science magazine ('Exploiting Wind Versus Coal,
> p. 1438) researchers from Stanford demonstrate a full-pricing analysis
> where wind energy is cheaper than coal -- even with currently existing
> technologies. Social costs of coal-related illness raise the cost of coal
> energy from 3.5 - 4 cents/kWh to 5.5 - 8.3 cents kWh.  By comparison, wind
> energy costs are coming in at 3 - 4 cents kWh.

wow! what a useful  piece of research!! any website I could DL it from?
I will look out for Science mag here, but it is unlikely that I can get
a copy, especially a back issue

> The smart money will go where no externalities loom, waiting for a class
> action suit or other cataclysm to eradicate profitability. IMHO, people who
> weigh in on these issues from an environment/public interest perspective do
> better to frame the issue on principle, since noone else is going to put
> these important points on the table.

also agreed - thank you....

As much as I hate to ground some environmental and social arguments on a
financial basis, it does make non-activists sit up and take notice...

if people have any info on RE, and why and where it beats Nukes
handsdown (especially as stated, from a financial and jobs basis) do
pass it on - I have some information, but not enough!!!
(incidentally, if we succeed in stopping the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor
here in SA, then the chances of Exelon building doxens in the US fades
as well...)

take care all...


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