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Re: [GreenYes] Consumerism and renewable energy
John Waddell wrote...
> Renewable energy development is an absolute must.  And, perhaps a severe
> Recession/Depression is also what it will take to refocus Americans on the
> need to conserve and make do with what we've been so bountifully blessed with.
> Just an opinion folks.

thank you for that - the LAST thing that should be happening in the US
(IMHO) is a spending frenzy - this WILL lead to a collapse that i do not
think you can endure... already, the oil price is going up, with extra
50cUS per barrel being looked at just for the additional insurance
cost... that way lies suicide...

it is not possible to spend one's way out of anything - at best, it is a
short term measure... now is the time for all real Americans to stand up
and be counted, and say "enough - we will not continue to feel the
hatred of the major part of the world based on our so called leaders
desire to reward their oil and weapons producing supporters,  with a new
market from war and death and suffering - Americans are not people
without compassion; the vast majority are sensible caring human beings,
who have been shielded from the thoughts and opinions of the rest of the
world for too long"

American dream? from where I sit, it looks more like a nightmare...

kind regards

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