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[GreenYes] Consumerism and renewable energy
What a couple of thought provoking pieces on this listserv this morning.  As 
I drank my coffee at daybreak our local newspaper, the Omaha World-Herald, 
carried a piece relating how crucial it is for consumers to keep spending.  
The story was accompanied by a picture of a couple looking over a camcorder 
at one of our better known local furniture stores.  The message:  consume and 
the economy--nay the world--will get a whole lot better.  The American saving 
rate is the lowest since, well, ever.  Most are within a paycheck or two of 
becoming insolvent should they lose their job or become disabled.  Spending 
our way to prosperity at the expense of our futures is no way to prop up a 
shaky economy and Paul Goettlich's proferred piece this morning on this 
listserv tells us more, environmentally, about why.

Renewable energy?  We'd better get at it.  As many of you recall, we've had 
the Middle East oil discussion on this listserv before.  The U.S. has painted 
itself into a box.  We can't (won't) drill for oil here because of 
environmental concerns.  Each year we depend a little more on oil imports.  
When our oil supply is threatened, (as it was in 1991 during the Gulf War) we 
send our newest generation of fighters down to safeguard it.  I said a number 
of weeks ago that this scenerio will play itself out again and again in 
coming decades if we do not get a handle on supplying a bigger share of our 
own energy needs.  I said we seem blithely willing to sacrifice the next 
generations of Americans on an alter of energy dependence because we are 
unwilling to develop what we need here at home.  

Renewable energy development is an absolute must.  And, perhaps a severe 
Recession/Depression is also what it will take to refocus Americans on the 
need to conserve and make do with what we've been so bountifully blessed with.

Just an opinion folks.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc./Refuse News
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