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[GreenYes] War on Pesticides Declared

For Immediate Release
Contact:  April Logan (212) 246-9331

Independent Candidate Is Against Poisoning
Murawski Begins Action vs "War Criminals"

(New York, New York - Monday September 10, 2001) Bill Murawski who is an
activist against corruption in housing, public education and elected
officials, is putting a new twist on the fight to save the environment.   He
is beginning to build a case against those who he believes are committing
"crimes against humanity" with instances such as the mass-spraying of deadly
man-made poisonous chemical pesticides against mosquitoes carrying the West
Nile Virus (WNV).  His first target is Paul Helliker who is the Director of
Department for Regulation of Pesticides in the State of California.

"I think that it is time that we start taking lessons from past history -
specifically WWII - when individuals were charged and brought to justice for
their crimes against humanity.  Although it is well documented that the
mass-spraying of deadly man-made poisonous chemical pesticides began in New
York City at the direction of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, my initial focus in
campaign to place responsibility on those who deserve to be punished is Paul
Helliker.  And my reasoning is quite clear in this matter" states Murawski.

He goes on to say that "Steve Tvedten of Get Set, Inc of Michigan has long
waged a battle against the use of deadly man-made poisonous chemicals by
developing simple and safe-to-use alternatives to manage pest infestations
schools and at home.  I met Tvedten after I joined an environmental internet
group and he consistently sends emails to Helliker with no response to any
them according to Tvedten.  I think now is the time for Helliker to answer
those emails in a responsible and professional manner.  Therefore,  I am
taking the liberty to pressure Helliker to respond in a timely and
manner.  Although I am running for office in NYC,  I do have family and
friends living in California so I feel that it is my moral duty and
to take up the fight with Tvedten against Helliker and the State of
 to protect the health and welfare of those for whom I love and care."

Murawski ends with "I truly believe that the use of deadly man-made
chemical pesticides is the most important issue in my election campaign for
public advocate in NYC.  I began following the issue of the mass-spraying of
mosquitoes carrying the WNV when it started in NYC in 1999, which is now a
nation-wide "epidemic" thanks to Giuliani.  But after speaking with Steve
Tvedten for a few hours regarding his long term fight against "registered
pesticides"  I believe that the use of registered pesticides is killing us
the environment and WNV is a only a smaller part of the bigger picture.
However, I don't want to minimize the WNV issue with this effort in

Murawski posted information regarding the WNV issue and Steve Tvedten's
to Helliker on his website.  The address is for those who are

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