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[GreenYes] Text-Only Tips
I've just found out that our list actually
has a limit to how large an email can be
before it is bounced. 40,000 characters!
That's actually pretty large: About
15 to 20 pages of text, single spaced.

We have about 3000 messages on our
archive now. If all 3000+ messages were
that size, we would have run out of
space far before now. Add to that the
a few images, and it goes even faster.
Each web page posted to the archive
also archives _every graphic_ as well as
the html coding. On top of that, digest
members see these posts as mostly
illegible garbage.

Once again I must ask for members' help
in making sure that emails are text-only
format, and that if you wish to send
a longer document, send a URL to the
document on the web. Please do not
attach web pages or documents.

If the document is not available on
the web, suggest that you are willing
to send the it directly to anyone 

It helps if you remove the portions
of the text which are not important to
any replies that you make to the list.
Also, you can help by removing the
GreenYes footers that are left over
in your replies. A single email with
the entire thread encompassed in it's
body is redundant on our archive and
once again wasteful of space.
 _____            _   
|_   _| ___ __ __| |_ 
  | |  / -_)\ \ /|  _|
  |_|  \___|/_\_\ \__|

  ___         _       
 / _ \  _ _  | | _  _ 
| (_) || ' \ | || || |
 \___/ |_||_||_| \_, |
 _____  _       
|_   _|(_) _ __  ___
  | |  | || '_ \(_-<
  |_|  |_|| .__//__/ () () ()
To make sure you send text-only from
Outlook Express to GreenYes, go to
the address book, select or create
the contact card for GreenYes.
In the 'name' tab, at the bottom of
the card, select 'send e-mail using
plain text only.' Click 'OK.' Close
the address book and you should be
ready to send text-only files to GreenYes.
This can be done similarly in most
email clients.

You can read more about list posting
preferences in the url in the footer
at the bottom of this and every post.

We will probably make some of the older
archives unavailable later this month
to conserve space. Please help us keep
as many archives available as possible!



To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

Subscription information for
this list is available here:

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