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Re: [GreenYes] Regarding food waste in the sewer versus the garbagecan:
Jay Donnaway wrote:
> I don't have any ready documentation to quote, but it would seem to me that
> running food waste through the sanitary sewer may be best. 

sorry, all for responding to this topic so late - I have been away...

I confess that I am always horrified at the waste of food in the world
today - hunger is close by always to so many, and to see us throw
nutrition away actually hurts...

obviously, we should minimise the waste first, but to "throw away" the
nutrients as well seems somehow criminal - it is so simple to compost
most kitchen waste, that to do anything else other than return the
nutrients to the soil should actually be illegal!

surely there are community gardens or parks near all of us who would
happily use whatever compost we make at home? A worm bin works
perfectly, even in a small apartment in the inner city...

regards to all...


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