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[GreenYes] Fwd: [] Act Now to Protect Whales and Other Marine Life from Dangerous Navy Sonar

>From: Heather Mansfield <>
>Act Now to Protect Whales and Other Marine Life from
>Dangerous Navy Sonar!   
>The Navy is about to receive approval to blast the
>world's oceans -- and the whales, dolphins, and other
>marine life that live in them -- with dangerous sonar.
>Known as Low Frequency Active (LFA) sonar, a dangerous
>new system, in as much as 80 percent of the planet's
>oceans, the noise that LFA generates is millions of
>times more intense than the Navy considers safe for
>human divers and billions of times more intense than
>levels known to disturb large whales. And because that
>noise spreads so far, its environmental impact could
>be enormous. It is expected to cause hearing loss and
>disruptions in communication and breeding in animals
>whose lives are governed by sound. And, in the worst
>case, it could result in strandings, serious injury,
>or death, as in the Bahamas last year, where many
>whales stranded themselves and died after a Navy sonar
>An action created by the Natural Resources Defense
>Council.  Please forward far and wide.  Thank you.
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