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[GreenYes] House being built on MSNBC
This morning, the NBC Today Show announced a plan to build a house over a 12 week period with .  Viewers can help choose a building design.  One of the concerns being addressed is:
"Know the elements that are being installed to maximize the energy efficiency of the home: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure that your builder is equipped to offer high-efficiency furnace and air conditioning, ample insulation, thermo pane windows and tightly-fitted exterior doors."

More information can be found at:

or at

I have no contacts at the Today Show to tell them my thoughts, but if I did, I wish that in addition to the issues presented above in their description of the home building project, I would want to see talk on the pethora of products out there to: sell electricity back to the grid; reduce the cost of heating water; and off-the-shelf solar products.

In my opinion, when many people in the USA think of solar they either have no opinion, think of the sun, or think of Pres. Carter's energy saving initiatives.  Ok, so there is probably a wider variety of thought on this, but I have the impression people are hesitant to use solar or look into using solar in the USA because of the cultural bias; the desire not to hark back to the Carter "malaise days"; the desire to look "cool"; and the desire to avoid problems and confusion related with implementing energy saving features.  I think with all the technological advances, with all the products available, and with the energy problems in California, people are prepared to think differently about solar etc.  This show could be a way to reintroduce to the American Public how solar/wind/technology products can reduce their daily expenses.

These home(s) the Today Show proposes are NOT in my opinion purposely ignoring solar etc.  They are just trying to do their morning entertainment.  Perhaps a feature in the show could be just showing the variety of energy saving devices that are out there.  I think given California's energy problems many people would be inclined to think again about their opposition to alternative solutions to reducing energy consumpion and obtaining power IF the Today show actually did an episode or two (morning segment) on these issues and how solar power etc. has changed over the last 20 years.

If anyone has ideas on how to convey this to the "Today" team I would encourage you to please go ahead and do it. Also, I personally encourage anyone to make a polite request for a show discussing new energy saving/energy creating products.  Email them at:

Feel free to use any of the phrases, words, or ideas I have written above in writing your own personal email.
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