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[GreenYes] Tell the CIWMB what your statewide priorities are
On February 15 the CIWMB is holding a public hearing to discuss their
strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. Information is included in the
CIWMB's Board meeting agenda posted at However, local
jurisdictions were not notified directly. A panel of invited speakers have
been asked for input. You may want to send written comments or testify at
the meeting.

Below are the two questions asked of speakers and my opinions:
What major issues does the California Integrated Waste Management Board need
to address over the next 3-5 years?
1. Preserving natural resources, not just landfill space (although AB 939
has increased recycling dramatically, but has failed to decrease extraction
of natural resources)
2. Lack or slow growth of recyclable material markets
3. "Real diversion" vs. "found generation", especially in context of new
generation studies
4. Inaccuracy of disposal reporting from landfills
5. AB 939 enforcement to make all jurisdictions participate in earnest
6. What should jurisdictions do after reaching 50%

What kind of strategies would you suggest the CIWMB consider in addressing
these issues?
1. Statewide mandatory recycling participation for businesses and residents
2. Statewide landfill bans of recyclable and compostable materials
3. Statewide producer responsibility legislation to reduce reliance on local
governments for diversion of electronics, plastics, and "special wastes"
4. Statewide waste prevention outreach campaigns
5. Larger state investment in recyclables market development
6. Enforcement of state agency buy recycled requirements, including schools
and universities
7. Increase mandatory diversion rate for local jurisdictions and set new
goal year
8. Better state control/statewide standard for landfill disposal reporting
9. Better state guidance on new generation studies
10. Stronger enforcement of current AB 939 provisions to show compliant and
close to compliant jurisdictions that their efforts were not wasted

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