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Re: greenyes ordinance response
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 14:31:21 -0500
From: Ben Barnes <>
To: greenyes <>
Subject: [GreenYes] Disposal of C&D waste

I am trying to find out if anyone on this list is familiar
with a city or county that is using a system like this. Using a
construction or demolition permit issued by a City or County to tract
the disposal of the waste generated by the project.The permit would
include the name of the permitted
disposal facility where the contractor intended to transport the waste.
The waste could be tracted by requiring the contractor to provide
landfill tickets to the building inspector or some type of electronic
communication between the land fill and the building inspectors office,
or by followup from the building inspector or a County solid waste

Ben Barnes
Solid Waste Section
State of North Carolina
919 571 4700

Ben -
1. Chapel Hill, NC requires "a Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP), including a plan for managing construction debris" as part of their Zoning Compliance Permit application process. There is no follow-up report, but pre-project estimates provide an opportunity for us (the County Solid Waste Department - the coordinating agency that reviews and recommends approval of the SWMP) to do some preemptive recycling education.

2. Orange County, the county Chapel Hill is in, is considering an ordinance that would go much further. It would require, among other things, that "Regulated Recyclable Material Management" (RRMM) permits be issued before building could start. They would be required at either Zoning Compliance or at Building permit stage. RRMM Permits would make clear the requirement that clean wood, metal, and unpainted drywall be recycled. RRMM Plans would be required for projects >500 sq ft or $50,000. RRMM Plans are more detailed and would inform our department HOW the materials are to be recycled. All permits would have the condition that detailed end-of-project reports, including: types and tons of material generated, where and when they were recycled, and who did the hauling, be submitted to the Solid Waste Department. The ordinance as now drafted would also prohibit open burning of solid waste and require licenses of waste haulers with vehicles >9000# GVW. For a look at the ordinance visit Orange County's website , click on "agendas & reports" go to "Co. Commissioners Mtg 1/29/01" and select item #1. The draft ordinance is in Adobe Acrobat and is pp. 8-16 of the document.

Dave Ghirardelli
Orange County Solid Waste
(919) 968-2800 x 163 

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