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The City and County of San Francisco's Resource-Efficient Building (REB) ordinance went  into effect on July 3, 1999. The ordinance established a REB program in the Department of the Environment to promote resource-efficient building standards in all City buildings and address the goals of the City's  Sustainability Plan. Resource-efficient, or "green," buildings are structures that are designed, constructed, renovated, operated,  and demolished with minimal environmental impacts.


San Francisco's REB ordinance requires that City-owned or leased facilities adhere to the following resource-efficiency requirements: WATER CONSERVATION: New and replacement toilets cannot consume more that 1.6 gallons of water per flush; new and replacement showers heads cannot consume more than 1.5 gallons per minute. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Energy-efficient fluorescent lights, ballasts, and exit signs must be used at the time of equipment installation or replacement. In addition, automatic timers or light sensors must be used with all new and replacement exterior lighting. INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Indoor air quality maintenance plans must be prepared for new construction and major renovation projects. Construction contracts must require the prevention of moisture contamination, and the removal of building materials contaminated by moisture, overseen by an independent industrial hygienist. RECYCLING: Adequate, accessible, and convenient space must be provided for the collection, storage, and disposal of recyclable materials. In addition, all discarded fluorescent lamps must be recycled. WASTE AND DEBRIS MANAGEMENT: New construction and major renovation projects must develop and implement a plan to minimize construction and demolition debris disposal, and maximize the reuse and recycling of materials.


The REB ordinance also created a three-year Pilot Program to demonstrate innovative construction techniques, building materials, landscaping methods, and other resource-efficient building systems that go beyond those mandated by the first part of the ordinance. Ten pilot projects have been identified. They span a variety of building types including: offices, a major medical facility, a science museum, clubhouses in neighborhood parks, a bus maintenance and storage facility, a convention center, and a parking structure. Each of the pilot projects is unique and will incorporate a different set of environment-friendly features. The REB program will use the experience gained during the design, construction, and operation of the pilot projects to develop environment-friendly guidelines and recommendations for all City buildings.

The complete text for the ordinance can be found at

Patricia Imperato wrote:">
I'm looking for any legislation/ordinance that requires government
funded capital construction projects to use green/sustainable building
design either as meeting a prescribed standard (e.g. LEEDs rating) or
more vaguely as a due diligence. Thank you.

Pat Imperato
PA Resources Council

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