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RE: [GreenYes] green building mandates
Here are some resources from the Maryland DNR - just from a real quick web
search.  I couldn't find the right reference for the green building
Executive Order, sorry.

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HI Pat,

You might try contacting your next door neighbor, I believe [but am 
not sure] that the state of NJ has some green building ordinances. 
They put on a good Green Building Seminar last year and I think 
they are planning on it again this year.

The guy's name who organized the seminar escapes me, but 
contact Vicki Kerekes [ARD State Coordinator for NJ] as she 
works with him.

Vicki Kerekes -- <>

Good Luck,


On 22 Jan 2001, at 14:45, Patricia Imperato wrote:

> I'm looking for any legislation/ordinance that requires government
> funded capital construction projects to use green/sustainable building
> design either as meeting a prescribed standard (e.g. LEEDs rating) or
> more vaguely as a due diligence.   Thank you.
> Pat Imperato
> PA Resources Council
> 610-353-1555
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