[GRRN] the U.S. Supreme Court & a proposed landfill in Cook County IL USA

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Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 19:17:07 EDT

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    Excerpted From: Sunday, 1 October 2000 San Francisco Examiner, page A-14

    "Significant issues to greet U.S. Supreme Court
    By Jan Crawford Greensburg
    Chicago Tribune

    WASHINGTON-After a blockbuster term crammed with contentious issues, Supreme
    court justices return to the bench Monday to take up a less dramatic docket
    that, nonetheless, could have significant implications for American life.
     . . .
    Congress vs. the states
        Perhpas the biggest case thus far involves a proposed landfill in
    northwest Cook County, Ill. The case is of obvious importance to Chicago
    area residents because it could help determine the outcome of a 15-year-old
    effort to build a suburban landfill.
        But beyond the Midwest, the case is being closely watched because it
    once again embroils the justices in a battle over the scope of congressional
    power in regard to the states. many predict that the case could finally
    outline what kind of limits the court is putting on congress' authority to
    pass a host of laws that govern everyday life---making it much more
    important than similar, more high-profile cases decided last term. . . .
        the landfill dispute could provide important guidelines to determine
    when Congress exceeds its quthority to enact laws traditionally handled by
    the states.
        In court papers, some have argued that the case paves the way for
    invalidating a host of federal environmental laws, including the Endangered
    Species Act.
        "This could show how far the court is willing to go," said John Roberts
    Jr., a prominent Wasthington lawyer who aregues frequently before the
    justices." . . .

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