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Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 15:31:56 EDT

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    Although this is not directly healthcare waste related, there are applicable
    uses. -Stephanie

    GreenWorks.tv - Pollution Prevention Week

    In honor of pollution prevention week, the GreenWorks.TV video website
    is featuring a group of videos about ways individuals, businesses and
    communities are doing their part to stop or reduce pollution.

    GreenWorks.TV also is highlighting a special video about how the city of
    is upgrading lighting in all city-owned buildings, streetlights and traffic
    lights to make them more energy efficient.

    Also new this week on GreenWorks.TV is the GreenWorks Exclusive page, at
    http://www.greenworks.tv/exclusive/emmy.htm, which includes information
    GreenWorks for Pennsylvania's first Emmy Award for Outstanding Public
    Affairs Series.

    Membership is free and subscribers will receive regular announcements of
    upcoming events, new site features, and other interesting links.

    The GreenWorks.tv is a production of the Environmental Fund for

    To see and hear more, log on to http://www.GreenWorks.tv


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