[GRRN] disposable diapers and fertility problems

From: Heide Feldman (hfeldman@mrwmd.org)
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 12:44:59 EDT

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    I happened to see an article in USA Today, I believe, yesterday (just
    happened to pick it up at the airport) which summarized a study showing that
    wearing disposable diapers may lead to infertility and testicular cancer in
    boys and later men, due to the higher temperatures from the plastic. To
    establish the greater temperature generated by the plastic diapers, they
    used micro-thermometers on the babies. Sorry I can't provide more detail,
    but hopefully you can still find the story.

    Another related item: the California Resource Recovery Association is
    planning to push for a change in Medicare funding that favors disposable
    over cloth diapers for adults. Medicare will pay for disposables but not

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