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From: Gary Liss (gary@garyliss.com)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 15:23:47 EDT

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    >From: "John Thompson " <Johnt@nrc-recycle.org>
    >Organization: National Recycling Coalition (NRC)
    > News Release
    > Contact: Will Ferretti, Executive Director, National
    > Recycling Coalition (703)683-9025
    > Jack DeBell, Director, University of Colorado
    > Recycling Services (303)492-8307
    >New Toolkit for Soft Drink Contracts Available
    >The National Recycling Coalition and its College and University
    >Recycling Council have released a toolkit for schools with upcoming
    >soft drink vending contracts. Campus purchasing officials, recycling
    >coordinators, student groups, and prospective vendors can all benefit
    >from the information the Toolkit contains.
    >The seven page document is designed to help maximize the level of
    >recycling associated with soft drink vending while promoting
    >vendors' assistance in recycling and waste reduction. The Toolkit
    >includes sample bid language, options to address recycling and waste
    >reduction concerns, a cost analysis of converting vending machines
    >from aluminum cans to plastic bottles, and a case studies from nine
    >schools around the country.
    >Some of the significant findings and recommendations include:
    > Products and packaging associated with soft drink vending have
    > direct financial and environmental impacts to the campus.
    > Increasingly, vendors have recognized the need to assist campus
    > recycling programs and have provided a wide range of support- ranging
    > from funding assistance and collection of recyclables, to donated
    > equipment and promotional materials.
    > Schools receiving the highest levels of support for recycling
    > have included provisions for recycling support into vending
    > contracts.
    > A menu of requirements and options to include in vendor
    > contracts offers flexibility to vendors while providing support to
    > the campus recycling program.
    > Vendors are more likely to provide support when schools
    > acknowledge vendors' involvement and reciprocate with positive
    > publicity for vendors' efforts.
    >The toolkit was prepared by the College and University Recycling
    >Council (CURC), a group of 150 campus recycling managers
    >affiliated with the National Recycling Coalition. Jack DeBell,
    >Director of the University of Colorado's recycling program and chair
    >of CURC's Purchasing Committee noted the urgency of campus
    >purchasing departments and recycling programs to begin working
    >together. "Campus recycling programs simply cannot afford to
    >handle the impacts of vending operations alone. Increasingly, soft
    >drink companies are realizing the need to assist recycling and have
    >begun showing real support for campus recycling operations."
    >The Toolkit is available at no cost to NRC members ($12 for non-
    >members). Contact the National Recycling Coalition at (703)683-
    >9025 or visit http://www.nrc-recycle.org or CURC's website:

    Gary Liss
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