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    I write about the plastic beer bottle each month in my plastics recycling
    newsletter. Allow me to make a few comments about David Wood's remarks.
    According to the Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Reclaimers (which
    represents more than 90 percent of the PET recycling firms in the U.S. and
    Canada), current usage of PET bottles by Miller, Anheuser Busch and Coors
    does not present a serious impediment to PET reclamation, either in terms of
    current levels of amber being received (especially from deposit-law states),
    nor the current bottlemaking technologies being uses (generally a nylon layer
    in a five-layer bottle). In fact, the Coors bottle has probably the highest
    level of recycled PET (35%) of any PET bottle in use today. I'm most willing
    to provide any listserv readers with the names of folks to call and citations
    in the literature. Also, this issue was the topic of a panel at this year's
    NRC two days ago.

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