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    Last year, 1999 Cindy Salter, et al in Durham NC did an analysis of the "zero waste" project at the Festival for the Eno River in Durham North Carolina. The State of North Carolina sponsored the study (probably division of pollution prevention and environmental assistance) . In essence this is a three day music festival attended by 1000s and there are staffed waste management stations (volunteers in several-hour shifts) with recycling, composting and "waste" receptacles. Almost all the materials go to recycling or composting. The composting is then done on-site in a hay bale enclosure. the recyclables are hauled off by a contractor. vendors must manage/remove their own wastes.

    During the International Special Olympics held here in the Triangle area of NC last year, similar activity with staffed composting diversion program at cafeterias and recycling at most events. I don't know if anyone wrote this one up.

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    Environmental management (in particular waste management) policies used by special/sporting events.

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