[GRRN] Environmental Management at Special Events

From: Monique Huyskens (m.huyskens@uts.edu.au)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 00:22:24 EDT

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    Dear All,

    I am writing from the University of Technology, Sydney where I am
    starting to research environmental management (in particular waste
    management) policies used by special/sporting events.

    I am in the early stages of a literature review, and have found that
    there is not much published information available (except publications
    such as Greening our Games, other work coming out of Green & Gold in
    Canada, and Olympic Games publications).

    Is anybody aware of any other research or writing that has been done in
    this area, or reports/studies that have been done that I could have
    access to? Any other information on environmental initiatives in
    special events would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance,


    Monique Huyskens
    CRC/ACEM Project Officer
    School of Leisure, Sport and Tourism
    University of Technology, Sydney
    Tel: 02 9514 5303
    Fax: 02 9514 5195
    Email: m.huyskens@uts.edu.au

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