Re: [GRRN] The Fate of Firestone Tires

Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 19:23:57 EDT

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    Hi Folks,

    ABC Evening News ran a long story Wednesday evening on the question of what
    Firestone would do with 6 million plus tires. One possibility mentioned is
    sending them to waste-to-energy incinerators.

    An NRDC rep. suggested a variety of ways to recycle or reuse tires. ABC
    showed many examples.

    ABC had factoids indicating the 6 million tires stack up would be the height
    of thousands of Empire State Building and then talked about the hundreds of
    millions of tires disposed of annually.

    It was an interesting piece and brought up the recycling issue fairly

    Best regards,

    Lance King

    In a message dated 9/1/00 4:03:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

     I'm rather surprised I haven't seen anything on the Listserve yet, but has
     anybody heard what Ford/Firestone plan to do with the millions of tires from
     the recall? There are obvious environmental implications.

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