[GRRN] distributed by PA...a recycled content mouse pad

From: mef@moenvfund.org
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 18:47:14 EDT

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    The Environmental Fund for Pennsylvanis in conjunction w/PA Dept. of
    Environmental Protection
    produced a cool mouse pad with recycled tires as backing, sent to me about a
    year ago. Its got a nice soid facing that inprinted well (with
    kid's-contest illustrated recycling message), isn't the fabric stuff that
    fuzzes up inside your mouse. I'm very happy with it; have used it since I
    got it...

    If you want more information from the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania, I
    suggest that you e-mail efp@greenworkschannel.org or call: 215/545-5880
    or cruise these web sites for other contacts:



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    From: "Steve Hammer" <s_hammer@ix.netcom.com>
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    Subject: [GRRN] recycled content mousepads?
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    Has anyone had any luck finding a company which prints up recycled =
    content mouse pads? I've only found one vendor on the web, and he's =
    four to six times as expensive (!) as anyone else that I've seen.


    Steve Hammer

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