[GRRN] Testing paper's biodegradability

From: RHONDA L SHERMAN (sherman@unity.ncsu.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 10:16:19 EDT

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    I am forwarding a message for someone who is not a member of
    this listserve. If you have an answer for Dr. Smith, please
    reply directly to him.

    My name is Dean Smith and I work in R&D for Crane & Co. We
    manufacturers of paper and I am working with a customer to
    antimicrobial features into their papers. However, the
    customer is
    concerned about the impact on the paper's biodegradability.

    I have searched the paper industry test methods and have not
    found any tests
    that are even remotely appropriate. What I have found is:
    ASTM 5338 - a
    test for determining the aerobic degradation of plastic
    materials. We
    don't have any experience with such testing, and to also
    lend credibility
    to the results, I am searching for a laboratory where I
    could have the
    testing done. Would you please help me locate such a

    Thank you for your time and help.


    Dean A. Smith, Ph.D.
    Senior Project Chemist
    Crane & Co., Inc.

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    Rhonda L. Sherman-Huntoon
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