[GRRN] eco-design

From: martin charter (101336.3560@compuserve.com)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 06:34:45 EDT

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    Towards Sustainable Product Design (TSPD#5): The Centre for Sustainable
    Design's, 5th international conference will be organised in cooperation
    with ec(o)ncept between 23-24th October 2000 at the Design Center Stuttgart
     in Germany. The event will be run in association with the German Federal
    Environment Ministry and Federal Environmental Agency's Project:
    'Possibilities of Eco-design'. TSPD#5 will also incorporate the launch of
    two new books 'Sustainable Solutions' (www.greenleaf-publishing.com) and
    'How to do eco-design' (www.econcept.org). The official conference language
    is English - although there will be translation into German. A conference
    leaflet is available in PDF format from www.cfsd.org.uk/tspd5.htm (please
    download and print choosing the option 'shrink to fit'). Please download
    the conference programme and delegate booking forms directly from the site.
    A 10% discount is available to those that book before 31st August. For more
    information contact rwhite@surrart.ac.uk or mcharter@surrart.ac.uk

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