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Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 11:20:20 EDT

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    Please respond directly to Stephen Goebel of HVS Executive Search if you are interested. His email is sgoebel@hvsinternational.com

    Environmental Programs Director
    Job Description

    Position & Purpose

    At Amfac Parks & Resorts, the nation's premier National and State park concessionaire, environmental stewardship is fundamental. In January 2000, Amfac adopted an ambitious Environmental Initiative reflecting Amfac's role as an industry leader in protecting and preserving our environment. Amfac has determined that the most effective way to implement its Environmental Initiative is to create the senior management position of Environmental Programs Director. The Director will be responsible for assisting more than 25 Amfac properties in National and State parks and private resorts with the implementation and application of the Environmental Initiative to the individual properties, in settings as diverse as the Florida Everglades, Death Valley, Yellowstone, Silverado Country Club & Resort and the Grand Canyon. The position will involve developing, implementing and maintaining environmental strategies and programs for Amfac Parks & Resorts, consistent with the Environmental Initiative. The Director will also be responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental laws.

    This senior management position will report to Amfac's Vice President & Assistant General Counsel.


    A minimum of either: (1) a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, or another relevant field, and 4 years' professional experience, preferably within the hospitality industry, in all phases of conservation and environmental management; or (2) a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science, or another relevant field, and 6 years' professional experience, preferably within the hospitality industry, in all phases of conservation and environmental management.

    The position requires pragmatic business and ecological sense, as well as the ability to implement programs that benefit Amfac's guests, employees, property owners, and the ecosystems in which Amfac operates. The Director must communicate effectively with both corporate and field employees to explore, identify and exploit opportunities to minimize the environmental impacts of Amfac's business practices.

    The position also requires familiarity with environmental laws and regulations as they relate to the hospitality industry, and an ability to keep abreast of this developing and complex field. Well-developed personal computer skills are also essential.

    Principal Responsibilities

                     Implementing Amfac's Environmental Initiative
                     Developing, documenting and implementing conservation and environmental strategies consistent with Initiative for each property
    Analyzing company operating practices/activities from an environmental perspective to identify areas for improvement
    Working with each property in setting standards for operating systems, purchasing of materials and energy conservation
    Developing and implementing opportunities for collaboration with vendors and property owners
    Analyzing, improving and implementing more energy-efficient systems and technologies
    Developing Environmental Stewardship Committees at each property
    Monitoring and measuring impact of programs and cost conservation benefits to Amfac

                     Overseeing compliance with all environmental laws and regulations
                     Understanding application of existing environmental laws and regulations to Amfac's properties
    Monitoring new environmental laws and regulations
    Advising individual Amfac properties of applicable laws and regulations
    Assisting properties in complying with laws and regulations

                     Overseeing individual park managers and engineering departments under the National Park Service Environmental Management Program

                     Serving as Amfac's environmental spokesperson
    Communicating with guests, property owners and prospective clients on environmental matters
    Working with governmental agencies on resolving environmental challenges and capitalizing on opportunities
    Preparing environmental sections of company's bids for concession contracts and new business opportunities
    Selecting, monitoring and communicating with Amfac's environmental consultants
    Developing environmental stewardship training programs, covering sustainability, utility and water systems, conservation and management, procurement, and environmental management systems

    Stephen Goebel
    Vice President
    HVS Executive Search
    2152 Polynesia Circle
    Henderson, NV. 89014
    (702) 897-8346
    (702) 617-0637 Fax

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