[GRRN] Plastics and Public Pressure

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Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 10:49:26 EDT

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    The power of the consumer and organized public pressure to reflect consumer interests:

    According to the July 2000 issue of Modern Plastics ("Citrate, polyester plasticizers find
    opportunities in flexible PVC," at p. 33), manufacturers are seriously looking at
    alternative softeners to phthlates in PVC, even though phthalates, which constitute 40% by
    weight, cost $0.70/lb., while one substitute, citrate (from citric acid), costs $2.50/lb.
    They do not concede that there is a health basis for eliminating phthalates, but "'[t]here
    is no doubt that consumers and government agencies are concerned,'" says David Gleeson,
    president of Morflex. "Consumer awareness of the dangers of phthalates exists, a Morflex
    sponsored study conducted at the last Hong Kong Trade Fair has shown. That survey found
    80% of mothers in the Asia Pacific region said they would be willing to paymore to ensure
    toy safety....Furthermore, by Gleeson's estimate, the added cost for a large toy would
    come out to be about $0.04 per unit. For many customers, Gleeson remakrs, such a marginal
    increase is more than justified by an increase in 'green' sales or from capturing a higher
    market share."


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