[GRRN] Pesticides et al

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Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 11:33:36 EDT

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    Today's Wall Street Journal, yes (with apologies to the New Yorker) the Wall Street
    Journal, has an article ("Rise in EArly Puberty Causes Parents to Ask, 'When Is It too
    Soon?'", p. B-1) that states (note the use of the word "many" which suggests that these
    concerns are no longer being marginalized by the conservative mainstream):

        "Puberty appears to be occurring about a year earlier in white girls and two years
    earlier in black girls (7 and 6 had been minimal ages) than any previous studies showed.
    Although many people speculate the shift is the result of pesticides or hormones in the
    food supply, these assertions are difficult to prove."

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