Re: Disposal of tyres

From: Gary Liss (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 15:59:04 EDT

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    Check out <> for info on California's
    extensive tire management program.

    Gary Liss
    At 02:37 PM 07/19/00 , you wrote:
    >>>Hi to all our wonderful helpers in the States!!
    >>>I have had a request from an SA government official for information on
    >>>tyre recycling. As you will see from her email below, I regularly
    >>>forward to her (and others in the SA govt) informative HCWH, IPEN and
    >>>other emails which I think she could benefit from. Please would you
    >>>direct me to any websites/ researchers/publications that could assist us.
    >>>Linda Ambler
    >>>PO Box 2375
    >>>South Africa
    >>>Tel: +27-33-342 5662
    >>>Fax: +27-33-342 5665

    Gary Liss
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