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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 17:09:15 EDT

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    I put together a reuse guide for the Delaware Economic Development Office,
    adapting a junk mail piece written by the state's Dept. of Natural Resources
    (DNREC). It's a pretty thorough piece on all the things you gotta do to deal
    with junk mail. Go to: <A

    A reference is at the end of that document to the site for the DNREC piece
    (which was developed using info. from the CA Integrated Waste Management

    Also, the best site for stuff on direct marketing is The Direct Marketing
    Association's consumer section at:

    <A HREF="">http://www.the-dma.o

    Check out their home page too. They've got a headline piece on affordable
    recycled paper and several pieces on the economics of e-commerce.

    The DMA is a very interesting organization. Despite the whole "in-your-face"
    philosophy of direct marketing (in all media), you can see that there is a
    social conscience to the organization and that they are making an attempt at
    social responsibility - certainly more than you can say for many other
    industry trade organizations.

    Note as well that if you do a Key Word SEARCH (AOL, Yahoo, Altavista, etc.)
    for Direct Marketing Association you will find a number of local and state
    associations. Somewhere in that big glaumpf of information has to be markers
    for data on the effect of computer-related marketing.

    One last thing: The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition is one of the best sites
    I know of attacking the idiocy of the computer industry - and by association
    those of us who dump our hard earned dollars into faster, cooler and sexier
    stuff every year. They have great, detailed information on numerous aspects
    of the follies perpetrated by this wondrous new economic engine of progress.
    If you go there and check out some of their special projects, you might well
    come away wondering if junk mail and other sins of direct marketing are
    really so bad in the face of all the other high-tech environmental
    foolishness required for us all to play on the Internet and compose drafts of
    studies barely anyone ever reads. Food for thought anyway. Go to:

    <A HREF="">>

    At the very least, it might well be worthwhile to ask SVTC the original
    question posted by Brenda for Alex Lash.

    Hope this was at least somewhat useful...


    David Biddle
    Center for Solid Waste Research
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    Philadelphia, PA 19119
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