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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 00:15:27 EDT

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    The costs vary tremendously region to region, contract to contract (as in
    the hospital across the street could be paying more, or less, for the same
    service and tonnage to the same incinerator, or other disposal treatment -
    even within the same healthcare system). Costs also vary by type of medical
    waste facility - doctor offices, veterinarian office, the ports/airports,
    clinics, hospitals, funeral homes, etc. and where: rural versus municipal
    and distance to disposal facility and landfill.

    Then there is the issue of whether or not sharps containers and sputum
    canisters are included in the medical waste. Without noting this it is
    impossible to do an "apples-to-apples" ton-for-ton comparison.

    Having explained things and given no real answer, it is commonly quoted that
    medical waste disposal - regardless of the type of technology used to do
    this - is 2-3 times (and sometimes more) than disposal of non-regulated
    wastes in the USA (regardless of the method of disposal).


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    >> Can anyone give me information on the range of costs ($/ton) for
    >> disposing of medical waste via incineration vs. cost/ton to dispose of
    >> MSW via incineration in the Northeast US? Thanks
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