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GreenYes Digest Sun, 4 Jan 98 Volume 97 : Issue 321

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SDDT: Eagle Mountain Landfill

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Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 13:12:55 -0700
From: Carolyn Chase <>
Subject: SDDT: Eagle Mountain Landfill

m the San Diego Daily Transcript, 1/5/98:
>Eagle Mountain Landfill
> Kaiser Ventures Inc. announced Friday that the San Diego
> Court has issued a tentative ruling that the new
>environmental impact report (E.I.R.) for the Eagle Mountain Landfill
>Project is
>deficient in several areas. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors
>approved the project's new E.I.R. in September 1997. The court's
>particular concerns focused on the lack of analysis regarding an
>"increase in
>domestic animal population, the increased use of off-road vehicles or the
>possible expansion of the nearby airport;" the validity of the
>mitigation measures for the desert tortoise and the resulting E.I.R.
>on the project's limited impact to the desert tortoise; the potential impacts
>on Joshua Tree National Park; and the land exchange between Kaiser and
>the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


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