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GreenYes Digest Sat, 3 Jan 98 Volume 97 : Issue 320

Today's Topics:
questions on batteries
Twelve Ounce PET Soft Drink Bottle

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Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 10:47:23 -0600
From: Susan Snow <>
Subject: questions on batteries

Can anyone tell me which batteries contain mercury? Do lead-acid
batteries, also contain mercury? What happens to the mercury when
batteries are recycled?

Susan Snow


Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 12:50:01 -0600
From: "RecycleWorlds" <>
Subject: Twelve Ounce PET Soft Drink Bottle

The December 15, 1997, issue of Plastic News reports:

"In the 11th annual DuPont Awards for Innovation in Food Processing
and Packaging, Coca-Cola Co.'s high-barrier, 12 ounce container
received top honors, heating out seven other entires to received the
Diamond Award.
"The three-material, five-layer wall structure for the contoured
carbonated Coca-Cola container is injection strech blow molded by
Continental PET Technologies Inc. of Florence, Ky., for the Saudi
Arabian market. The barrier structure doubles the shelf life for
high-heat and humid conditions. Optional post-consumer PET content
also is an environmental plus."

Sounds very similar to the PET/EVOH bottle that Continental made 3
years ago for ketchup. It's not cheap and, I'd guess, not a likely
application in the US.

Peter Anderson
RecycleWorlds Consulting
4513 Vernon Blvd. Ste. 15
Madison, WI 53705-4964
Phone:(608) 231-1100/Fax: (608) 233-0011


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