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GreenYes Digest Fri, 27 Mar 98 Volume 98 : Issue 76

Today's Topics:
PVC news and new Pepsi nylon-lined bottles

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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 18:37:39 -0700
From: "Katharine P. Bennett" <>

>Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 16:39:16 -0400
>To: "Katharine P. Bennett" <>
>References: <>
>Ms. Bennett,
> Perhaps readers, particularly potential applicants, would be interested
>in some information about "Eco-Cycle".
> Is there a website for Eco-Cycle?
> This is simply a GreenYes subscriber with a suggestion. I have no
>plans to apply for the position.
> Sincerely,
> Woody Getz
> reduce, ReUse, RECYCLE, Compost -- It's a small planet!
>Katharine P. Bennett wrote:
>> TO: Green Yes! subscribers:
>> Eco-Cycle, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, is hiring a full-time Community
>> Relations person. The right candidate will have excellend organizational,
>> fund-raising, writing, editing, and public speaking skills. Must have
>> experience working with media, volunteers, be able to supervise, and work
>> under pressure. Flexibility, humor, commitment ot recycling and the
>> environment are essential.
>> Eco-Cycle provides an outstanding benefit package, including full health, a
>> 403 (b) retirement plan, vacation, and more! No electronic resumes will be
>> accepted. Send resume, salary requirements, and a published writing sample
>> to:
>> CR Search Committee
>> Eco-Cycle, Inc.
>> PO Box 19006
>> Boulder, CO 80308-2006
>> No phone calls, please.

This was an excellent suggestion by Woody Getz. The answer is, YES!
Eco-Cycle does have a website. You can find us at Enjoy!

Kat Bennett
Longmont Eco-Cycle Program Manager


Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 02:12:36 -0500
From: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Subject: PVC news and new Pepsi nylon-lined bottles

The following is from the March 1998 issue of Plastics Recycling Update , (E-mail):

The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) dealt with a number of
packaging design issues at its February meeting.

The Quaker Oats Company is apparently moving quickly to replace a PVC label
that had been test marketed on Gatorade PET bottles.

The Dean Foods Co. (Franklin Park, Illinois) is evaluating the shrink-wrapped
PVC label on its single-serve HDPE milk bottles. The company will print a
warning on the label, asking consumers to "please remove this label prior to
recycling." APR considers the label warning to be insufficient. It was also
pointed out that APR's manual on design for recyclability guidelines needs to
be revised because it does not prohibit the use of PVC labels on HDPE bottles.

Representatives from Pepsi-Cola Co. (Purchase, New York) made presentations
about The Grip, a new two-liter bottle with a heat transfer label, and a
nylon-barrier bottle, which would be used for the 12-ounce market to resolve
shelf-life issues.

Pepsi has made the heat transfer label more recycling friendly than the
initial design. Reclaimers will probably have to make modifications to their
washing systems to ensure that the inked PET particles are exposed to
sufficient agitation and residence time for effective removal of the ink.
Steve Babinchak, co-chair of APR's technical committee, has sent a letter to
Pepsi indicating that there remains a long-term concern about the effect of
these inks being released into the sewage system.
According to a Pepsi spokesperson, the company is "committed to The Grip,
which will be introduced into a lead market in Dayton, Ohio before the end of

Regarding nylon-barrier bottles, Babinchak's letter to Pepsi stated there were
still unanswered questions about the basic recyclability of this container.
"Nobody at APR would be pleased to see this bottle, which is potentially a
serious contaminant in high volumes," says Babinchak. Babinchak calls for
three to four months of research with APR reclaimers to obtain a better
understanding on how these barrier bottles will affect PET reclamation

A Pepsi spokesperson acknowledged that it had received APR's letter and was
considering the issues it raised. He confirmed that the company had no plans
to test market the nylon-barrier bottle at this time.

Babinchak's most serious criticism was reserved for the Vinyl Institute. "We
(APR) are really angry. They (VI) haven't done a thing about finding a
serious market for PVC bottle scrap and are just giving lip service to
recycling," he said. Babinchak will recommend that APR revise its design for
recyclability guidelines to identify PVC bottles and labels as a contaminant.
The group will also discuss a recommendation to packaging companies to abandon
PVC in bottle packaging.


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