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May '98 Table of Contents

Local Ecology

Growth vs. evolution by Carolyn Chase
We're solidly on the track of urban sprawl. Is there the political will
needed to change our course?

California Water Alert: attend public hearing 5/12 in Encinitas
Support the call for more conservation, not more cement.

Conservation group endorses Zucchet for San Diego City Council
A real pro-environment choice ... what a surprise.
It's time for region-wide development fees by Jerry Harmon
It's time for new developments to pay their own way or would you rather
continue to do it?

Global Ecology

Four shades of green
If the developing world is ready to follow in our footsteps; let's be sure
we're heading the right direction.

How will increased ultraviolet radiation affect forests?

Overnight shipping industry cuts waste
Several high-volume shippers are now using recycled containers.


Rights of money versus rights of living persons
It's time to revisit the rulings that give corporations the same rights
as individuals.

In Your Garden by the Garden Goddess
Interview with a Pest Insect Vampire
You wouldn't want to meet one of these in a dark alley it you were a bug.

Diet & Health

National Cancer Institute announces increase in fruit and vegetable consumption
The public seems to be getting the message.

Global warming and dengue fever
Global warming allows the incursion of this dangerous mosquito-borne virus
into temperate regions.

New study details the saturated fat/cholesterol link

Dakota goes green by the Green Restaurant Association
Green restaurant review of Dakota Bar & Grill.


Entrepreneur creates new miniature fuel cell
This innovation could have a profound effect on our lives as a replacement
for toxic batteries.

Observations from the edge by Robert Nanninga
One Nation Under Apathy
Our resident eco-radical is disgusted at the indifference of the general
public but who cares?

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