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Today's Topics:
Disposable Movies!!
FW: California Waste Reduction Awards Program for businesses
GreenYes Digest V98 #133
GreenYes Digest V98 #134
Job Opening in Marin
Position Available
Source Reduction Program Potential

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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:36:36 -0700
From: Robin Salsburg <>
Subject: Disposable Movies!!

> -- A project of the National Waste Prevention Coalition
> ---------------------------------------
>From David Assmann, City of San Francisco Solid Waste Management Program:

Circuit City is reported (San Francisco Examiner, Mon. 6/8/98) to be on the
verge of introducing disposable single-use video disks (each disk will have
one movie on it). According to the article, "Circuit City is test-marketing
Divx, disks movie fans can buy for $4.49 each, view once and then toss
away....The disks will be sold in San Francisco and Richmond, VA., until the
fall, when Circuit City plans to launch them nationwide.


Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:29:35 -0700
From: "Hennessy, Linda" <>
Subject: FW: California Waste Reduction Awards Program for businesses

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Hennessy, Linda
> Sent: Thursday, June 11, 1998 12:27 PM
> To: ''
> Subject:
> Does your business...
> ...reduce, reuse, recycle waste?
> recycled products?
> ...strive to reduce packaging waste?
> ...educate employees about waste reduction?
> If so, you deserve to be recognized and may be eligible for a WRAP
> award. WRAP recognizes businesses that are reducing waste.
> What is WRAP?
> WRAP, the Waste Reduction Awards Program, is sponsored by the
> California Integrated Waste Management Board. CIWMB annually
> recognizes California businesses that make outstanding efforts to
> reduce waste and send less garbage to landfills.
> Who can apply?
> California businesses and nonprofit organizations that have taken
> effective measures to reduce the amount of nonhazardous waste they
> send to landfills can apply for a WRAP award. Government agencies and
> public schools are not eligible.
> How do you qualify for a WRAP award?
> WRAP awards are given to businesses that reduce, reuse, recycle waste,
> purchase recycled products, and educate employees on waste reduction
> opportunities. Each business is evaluated on its efforts to reduce
> its OWN nonhazardous waste. For example, a recycling business is
> eligible based on activities that reduce its OWN waste, rather than
> recycling the waste of others.
> How do you apply?
> To request an application, simply do one of the following:
> * Call the WRAP Coordinator, Linda Hennessy, at (916) 255-2497.
> * Send a fax to CIWMB - (916) 255-4580.
> * You may also download a copy of the application from the
> Internet at
> Once you receive the application, fill it out according to the
> directions and mail it in.
> What is the deadline?
> Your completed application must be received or postmarked by June 30,
> 1998.
> Winners will receive an award from the State of California along with
> a WRAP WINNER logo. Previous WRAP winners have used the logo in their
> advertising and on products such as telephone directories, beverage
> containers, packaging and on their Web sites.
> Linda Hennessy, WRAP Coordinator
> Waste Prevention/Market Development Division
> http:\
> (916) 255-2497


Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:35:56 -0500
Subject: GreenYes Digest V98 #133

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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 10:42:15 -0400
From: Blair Pollock <>
Subject: GreenYes Digest V98 #134

>Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:16:36 -0400
>From: "Cheri Kennedy"<>
>Subject: Industry Standard for Cardboard???
>Does anyone know if there is an industry standard for the average amount of
>cardboard produced per person in a business and a residential setting? I
>need both figures so I can estimate how much cardboard we will have when we
>begin collecting/recycling it at this Navy Base.
>@-}Cheri Kennedy
>Solid Waste Program Mgr
>Naval Surface Warfare Center
>Dahlgren, Virginia
>(540) 653-2342
Cheri -- We have done two dump and pick studies of the waste stream that
landed at Orange County NC's landfill (pop ~ 100,000) the cardboard % by
weight in the waste from the two studies were as follows:

1990 1995
Commercial 20.6% 10.7%
Residential 9.7% 5.7%

These declines in OCC are not explained by any particular event. our
cardboard ban at the landfill began about a year after the 1995 waste sort
and it doesn't apply to residential OCC anyway.

John there is a company in NC called "Waste Reduction Products Corp." that
has begun manufacture and sales of sheetrock derived products including a
kitty litter, oil dry absorbent and ag lime product. Most of their furnish
is from the local mobil home manufacturing industry. They are located in
Goldston NC 919-898-4105, Gerry Sutton is contact.

>Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 08:18:35 -0600
>From: "John Reindl" <>
>Subject: Products made from recycled gypsum
>Hi list members -
>Sorry about the cross postings -- I am looking for products made
>of recycled gypsum, such as from scrap drywall.
>I would appreciate any leads that anyone might have.
>Thanks much,
>John Reindl, Recycling Manager


Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 18:32:52 -0700
From: Alisa Wade <>
Subject: Job Opening in Marin

I apologize in advance for any cross postings...
Hello all - I wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving MCC on
July 9th to pursue a graduate degree in City Planning. I have loved
working at MCC and I'm sorry to leave, but I must pursue my interest of
ecological urban development. I would greatly appreciate your posting
the following job description or forwarding to any and all resources for

quality candidates. We would like to fill this position as soon as
possible. Anyone is welcome to contact me at my work e-mail with
questions until July 9th. After July 9th you can reach me at
at, however, I will be in Guatemala and backpacking until

approximately August 18th. This is a fantastic position working with
fantastic people, please help us find a fantastic candidate!

Job Announcement
Recycling/AmeriCorps Coordinator
Program Description: The Marin Conservation Corps (MCC) is a non-profit

work experience and education program serving youth aged 18-30 MCC helps

young adults develop basic job competencies, and provides them work
experience in conservation and environmental restoration, recycling,
working with children and youth, and fire fuel management within Marin
County. Simultaneously, MCC helps these young adults develop their
academic and leadership abilities and assists them in formulating future

employment and educational goals. The MCC is an equal opportunity
Duties and Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Program
the Recycling/AmeriCorps Coordinator (RAC) will act as grant
The position will entail the following duties:
Program Management: RAC will oversee MCC's implementation of the
Department of Conservation (DOC) recycling program, the AmeriCorps Cadre
Corps program, and will assist in management of other programs as
Duties will include setting up the infrastructure for the programs, as
well as ongoing hiring, training, and supervision of staff and employees
implement the programs.
The DOC grant program involves: 1) performing beverage container
and litter abatement in local recreation areas, 2) instituting an
recycling education program, and 3) assisting local recycling and solid
waste agencies with recycling promotion.
The AmeriCorps grant program involves: 1) implementing and in-school
recycling/environmental education program, 2) overseeing the development
community service projects, tutoring programs, and volunteer activities,

and 3) planning and implementing a 1998 summer youth program.
Administration: Administrative responsibilities include developing
writing reports, managing grant implementation and budgets, monitoring
project record keeping, interviewing and hiring necessary staff and
Supervision: Daily supervision of the DOC and AmeriCorps crew
including regular written evaluations and ongoing guidance in the
completion of their tasks.
Project Development: Work with crew supervisors, other MCC staff, and
sponsors to develop work projects appropriate for implementation under
various grant guidelines. Act as MCC's official liaison with schools,
other non-profits, and public agencies that DOC and AmeriCorps funded
work with.
Training: Train and educate crew supervisors and Corpsmembers in the
of recycling, conservation, and the environment, working with youth;
working in a school setting; public speaking and performing
tutoring and providing academic support to youth and children. Also
responsible for overseeing additional AmeriCorps training requirements.
Minimum qualifications:
background in working with schools, and children/youth from diverse
populations knowledge of recycling, conservation and the environment
excellent written and verbal communication skills extensive experience
producing written documents for professional use excellent
and time management skills, including prioritizing and completing
tasks experience in training techniques and workshop development and
facilitation ability to work independently and as part of a team
train and motivate others in their work possession of Standard First Aid

and CPR certification employment contingent upon validation of an
driving record and obtainment of California Class B Driver's license
first month of employment.
Educational/Professional qualifications:
BA or BS degree in environmental science/studies, community studies,
social science field
Salary: $32,000-36,000K/YR., depending on experience. Full benefits
package. Sick leave and vacation time.
To Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Program Director
Marin Conservation Corps
27 Larkspur Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

MCC is an equal opportunity employer.


Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:25:09 -0400
From: "Macfarquhar, James D" <JAMESM@MAIL.FAC.UNC.EDU>
Subject: Position Available

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is recruiting
for the position of Recycling Coordinator. The Recycling Coordinator is
responsible for the operation of existing programs and development and
implementation of new waste reduction and recycling programs at UNC
Chapel Hill. UNC Chapel Hill recycles over 30 items amounting over
12,000 tons annually. The Recycling office is responsible for the
collection of 17 of these items with five employees, three contractors,
and volunteers. Position requires a Bachelor's degree with a preferred
major in Environmental Sciences or related curriculum and at least one
year experience in the recycling field or related environmental work.
A minimum of 5 years experience is preferred. Experience in a
university recycling program is highly desirable. The salary range is

For an application, phone (919)962-2991 or apply at : Employment
Department, Office of Human Resources, The University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill, CB #1045, 725 Airport Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1045.;
or see our website at

Jim MacFarquhar
Director Building Services
(919) 966-1321


Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:07:51 -0600
From: "John Reindl" <>
Subject: Source Reduction Program Potential

I am forwarding this message on Source Reduction. As
noted at the end of this list, there is an email list on Source
Reduction that people may want to join.

John Reindl
Dane County, WI


Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 7:24 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Source Reduction Program Potential

To: ReduceWasteNet members
From: David Flora, EPA Region 7

Here's an EPA Resource designed to help to help local
solid waste planners determine the potential impact of
various source reduction options.

The Source Reduction Program Potential: A Planning Tool
is a 27-page manual that examines program potential, or
the portion of a waste stream category that could be
addressed by a specific source reduction program.
Analyzing program potential helps solid waste managers
decide whether to include source reduction in their
integrated solid waste management plans.

The six source reduction options covered in the manual
include three residential options (grasscycling, home
composting, and clothing and footwear reuse) and three
commercial options (office paper reduction, converting to
multiuse pallets, and paper towel reduction). The manual
calculates the program potential for the categories of
materials by first using national figures as an example. It
also shows managers how to calculate program potential
locally by applying their own data and includes worksheets
to aid in calculations.

ORDERING INFORMATION, including Reduce It Software:

This document is available on the Internet. Go to and click on publications. It can
also be ordered by calling the RCRA hotline 800-424-9346.
Ask for the Source Reduction Program Potential: A
Planning Packed - EPA 530-E97-001. The Packet includes
Reduce It Software (three disks) which is a companion
software to use as a planning tool. If you download the
manual Reduce It Software can be ordered separately,
EPA 530-c-97-002 (A-C).

regarding how you have measured and/or evaluated the
success of your waste reduction outreach programs. To
SEND A MESSAGE to all ReduceWasteNet list members,
address your e-mail to:

1) address an e-mail to:
2) Leave the subject@ line of the e-mail blank.
3) In the body of the e-mail, type ONLY: unsubscribe
4) Include no punctuation or other text in the message.
(608)267-1533 - fax
(608)267-8815 - phone


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