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GreenYes Digest Wed, 4 Nov 98 Volume 98 : Issue 231

Today's Topics:
Corporate Welfare
Fw: America Recycles Day -Coke should, too!
Nov 3rd -New Coke Campaign Protests and Endorsements

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Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 21:59:24 -0500
From: "Bill Sheehan" <>

[From the Society of Environmental Journalists tipsheet, 11/3/98]


Need a new angle on waste issues? Find out what's being done in your community
with construction waste. An estimated 136 million tons of construction and
demolition (C&D) waste are generated annually, compared with 209 million tons
of municipal solid waste in 1997. C&D waste can include lumber, drywall, and
bricks; asphalt and concrete from road projects; and dirt and trees from land-
clearing. Good reports from the U.S. EPA,
<>, and INFORM Inc.,

Portland, OR, <>,
and Florida, <>, are helping
contractors reduce waste or recycle building materials to keep them out of the
1,900 C&D landfills nationwide. Florida has begun requiring closer screening
of waste to prevent hazardous wastes from being dumped.

Bette Fishbein, INFORM Inc., 212-361-2400, ext. 230,
Peter Yost, National Association of Homebuilders Research Center,
Timothy Townsend, University of Florida, 352-392-0846,

Bill Sheehan
Network Coordinator
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens GA 30604-9283
Tel: 706-613-7121
Fax: 706-613-7123


Date: Tue, 3 Nov 98 10:22:16 -0800
From: Stephen Suess <>
Subject: Corporate Welfare

For those of you who do not read Time Magazine, there is a wonderful
feature article, complete with cover picture, on Corporate Welfare.

The gist of the article is that every working person in the USA
donates two weeks per year of their paycheck to mostly large
corporations. In the opinion of authors, this donation does not result
in increase of jobs as is typically advertised. (This system evolved
when one community offered incentives to a factory to relocate, leading
to an incentive war. Today big business gets millions in incentives to
just stay put. The whole thing is a zero sum situation for the country
as a whole as these incentives merely move jobs from one place to
another, only the tax payer is paying for this. To topit all off, the
aurthors point out how big business does not create jobs, but rather
eliminates them. It is small business that creates jobs.) This article
does not talk about subsidies used to generate new industries, but rather
incentives paid to individual companies to do something.
The article also goes on to say that this is not the fault of
corporations, who after all are just accepting monies offered to them,
but is rather the fault of local, state, and federal government agencies
that do this bidding in the first place.

In my opinion, when you feed large corporations and do not feed the
small ones, you take away a little more of the ability of small business
to compete. This makes it harder for the country to create new jobs,
develope new technologies, and to create new industries.... such as a
recycling based manufacturing ones.


Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 23:55:18 -0500
From: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Subject: Fw: America Recycles Day -Coke should, too!

[Forwarded from Sherry Force, BURNT, Nashville, TN]

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Date: Tuesday, November 03, 1998 11:31 PM
Subject: America Recycles Day -Coke should, too!

Dear Bill Sheehan,

In reading e-mail Nancy has forwarded to me regarding the above, I am
astounded! As a recycling coordinator for a school-based recycling
drop-off, I have been encouraging community recyclers to sign this year's
pledge card to 'buy more recycled-content products' and to 'increase my
recycling efforts at home and work'. In short, endeavoring to create an
awareness that one has to insure markets for recyclables by buying
recycled content.

One of the primary sponsors of this event is the National Soft Drink
Association. (!) Is it possible to bring pressure to bear on Coke
through this Association? or through the ARD Executive Committee? Seems
potentially embarrassing. Are other soft drink bottlers doing a better
job of using recycled plastic? If so, who? Perhaps if made aware (media
alert) of Coke's non-recycling practices/broken promises, consumers could
be encouraged to send their messages to Coke not only by sending back
their empties; but by purchasing their soft drinks from other , more
environmentally-committed bottlers beginning that weekend and continuing
until. . .
I also liked the idea of the oversized pledge card being presented to
Coke as a media event!

Keep up good work! Sherry Force

NASHVILLE TODAY - a 501c3 group working
for toxics reduction in nashville


Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 23:38:22 -0500
From: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Subject: Nov 3rd -New Coke Campaign Protests and Endorsements

[TUESDAY, NOV. 3rd: New protests planned and endorsements for the Coke Take It
Back Campaign. Check us out at:]

[From Boulder, Colorado]

The Longmont Colorado Daily Times-Call reported last Sunday (Nov. 1) that the
Boulder County Recycling and Composting Authority has endorsed the Coke Take
It Back campaign. The story was entitled, "Coca-Cola breaks promise to
recycle." (NOTE: Last year, another public body, the San Luis Obispo County,
Calif., Integrated Waste Management Authority, initiated a send-back campaign
on America Recycles Day by taking out full-page newspaper and radio ads.)

[From Tulane University, New Orleans]

Coke Action Week is next week for us-- we'll be doing petition
signing, postcard/letter writing drives, education and (hopefully) a
protest. Still waiting to hear from the post office for rally approval.
We may just have the protest on campus. Any ideas on where we can get a
bunch of Coke bottles? I know there's plenty out there, but this campus
has almost no plastic vending machines.

[From Athens, Georgia - via phone]

Students for Environmental Awareness at the University of Georgia have
endorsed the campaign and are planning a media event in Athens on November

[From West Covina, California]

Please add Global Waste Recycling to the campaign. I'll be writing letters to
our two local papers and also asking interested citizens to help with a letter
writing and send back campaign.
Judi Gregory
Global Waste Recycling

[From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Clean Air Council, a membership-based, non-profit environmental
organization based in Philadelphia would like to sign onto the Coke
Campaign. Clean Air Council has worked on solid waste issues in the
Philadelphia area for many years, helping to establish the City's
recycling program and more recently, creating a model waste reduction
program in Philadelphia called the Pollution Prevention Program. The
Council's waste reduction program manager can be reached at
215-567-4004 ext. 237.
Thank You,
Britta Ipri, Waste reduction program manager

[From Brevard, North Carolina - via phone]

The Dogwood Alliance (a forest protection network in 17 Eastern states) has
endorsed the Coke Take It Back Campaign.

[From Georgia]

Add the the Georgia Rural Urban Summit to the list of endorsing groups.
Danny Levitas

[From Birmingham, Alabama - via a story on PointCast -Consumer Report]

Sarah Brooks
809 39th Place South, #3
Birmingham, AL 35222

[From Santa Cruz, California]

Your co-worker just called to get an endorsement from Ecology Action for
your Coke Campaign which I am happy to give. Keep up the good work..
Mahlon Aldridge
Ecology Action, Inc.
P.O. Box 1188
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

[From California]

You should list the California Resource Recovery Association as Sacramento
Ann Schneider
CRRA Boardmember who lives in Mtn. View

Bill Sheehan
Network Coordinator
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens GA 30604-9283
Tel: 706-613-7121
Fax: 706-613-7123


The GrassRoots Recycling Network supports
America Recycles Day's "buy recycled" theme. But
a major sponsor of ARD (directly in places and
nationally through their trade association) refuses
to buy recycled plastic for the 8 billion bottles it sells
in the U.S. each year. Just a tad hypocritical of
Coca-Cola, no?

We have launched a Coke Take-It-Back! Campaign
to inform consumers of Coke's broken promise to
buy recycled plastic and to take a small direct
action -- mail a plastic bottle back to Coca-Cola.

Do you want to add a Coke Take-It-Back! media
action to your ARD festivities? Actions can be
simple, involving a local press release (for which
we have a model via email) and some action that
results in a story in local newspapers. Actions do
not have to involve a lot of people -- a half dozen
can work, just enough to get reporters to come out
and do a story. Planning location and props for TV
is fun and leaves lots of room for creativity. Events
can be at a post office (to emphasize mailing
bottles to coke), at a Coke bottling plant, or most
anywhere with enough plastic bottles. If you are
interested in planning a media event the week
before November 15th, let us know. We have lots
of info on our web site ( and a
planning kit available from

You can also help the campaign by adding Take-It-
Back! Campaign flyers to your literature table. You
can get the information off our web site and make
your own or email for one to be mailed.

Join us on or before America Recycles Day in
asking Coke to "Do the REAL THING" -- Buy


Bill Sheehan
Network Coordinator


End of GreenYes Digest V98 #231