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America Recycles Day
America Recycles Day -Reply
America Recycles Day -Reply -Reply
Fw: Zero Waste in Orlando
GRRN Needs Your Support
Loss on Timber/Win on Mining
What Is Zero Waste? (2 msgs)
Zero Waste in Orlando

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 13:03:07 -0400 From: Cindy/Mike Shea <> Subject: America Recycles Day


I agree with Robin 100%. Please do not endorse America Recycles Day=20 unless the other sponsors are serious about addressing zero waste and=20 producer responsibility issues.

Cindy Pollock Shea Promoting Sustainable Development


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:46:43 -0700 From: Richard Anthony <> Subject: America Recycles Day -Reply

We need to take advantage of all the promotion for the day by calling for press conferences, and putting out press releases, talking about zero waste, jobs from discards, and ending subsidies for wasting. Use the day to get OUR message out.


>>> Cindy/Mike Shea <> 09/18/97 10:03am >>> Steve,

I agree with Robin 100%. Please do not endorse America Recycles Day=20 unless the other sponsors are serious about addressing zero waste and=20 producer responsibility issues.

Cindy Pollock Shea Promoting Sustainable Development


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 15:01:02 -0500 From: Pete Pasterz <Pete.Pasterz@USDWP.MSU.EDU> Subject: America Recycles Day -Reply -Reply

I agree, Rick. We need to use all opportunities to help promote OUR vision of recycling.=20 Unfortunately, the voices with all the bucks have so far gotten all the attention. (I'm looking at the national 17"x22" poster right now, and it is ONE HALF logos of the national and state sponsors. The little information about recycling and the importance of buying recycled is lost)

So, we don't "buy in" to the posters and psa's...there are other/better ways to support recycling. Our events should be promoted heavily, within our $ constraints of course. And in the grass roots spirit, this is best done locally. Is a local reporter going to talk to some national company in Houston or Chicago, or are they going to talk to someone they know--us?

I say we be agressive in seeking out the free media/infotainment industry, and get the message out that "real recycling" needs to happen and to help toward the goal of zero waste.

Pete Pasterz



Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 21:22:31 -0400 From: "Bill Sheehan" <> Subject: Fw: Zero Waste in Orlando

> You should add the NRC Members Meeting, Board meetings and=20 > Candidates Forum where the NRC will be challenged to address the=20 > Zero Waste issues as well. >=20 > Gary

Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM -Board Meeting 1

Sunday, 2 PM to 4 PM -Members Meeting and Candidate Forum

Thursday, AM -Board Meeting 2

---------- > From: Bill Sheehan <> > To: GreenYes (E-mail) <> > Cc: Recycle@Envirolink (E-mail) <> > Subject: Zero Waste in Orlando > Date: Thursday, September 18, 1997 3:03 PM >=20 > For those interested in Zero Waste and who are going to the > National Recycling Congress in Orlando next week, here are some > policy-related forums that will address GrassRoots Recycling > Network (GRRN) issues: >=20 > Monday 9 AM to 12 noon > National Issues Roundtable:=20 > Is Recycling Really an Economic Basket-Case? > Brenda Platt, Frank Ackerman and others >=20 > Tuesday 9 AM to 10:30 AM > The Next Wave of Recycling > Steven Suess, John Young and others >=20 > Tuesday, 1 PM to 4 PM > GRRN Open Forum =96 all invited! >=20 > Wednesday, 10 AM to 12 noon > Recycling In the Political Environment > Sen. Donzella James, Rick Best, Bill Sheehan and =20 =20 > others >=20


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 21:34:16 -0400 From: "Bill Sheehan" <> Subject: GRRN Needs Your Support


Dear Friends:

The steering committee of the GrassRoots Recycling Network invites you to join our campaign to create a zero waste society, generate jobs from discards, and end corporate welfare for wasting.=20 We must also make an appeal for your financial support during this critical period.

The GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) formed to prevent the dismantling of existing recycling infrastructure and to shift the national debate about the future of recycling from a waste management paradigm to a zero waste paradigm. In its first year, GRRN has made significant progress in countering the attack on recycling and resource conservation and promoting zero waste through citizen campaigns, the media and progressive public policy. =20

For the upcoming year, projects include: Mobilizing local government support for producer responsibility Establishing Zero Waste Councils Passing local Zero Waste resolutions Launching a "no new dumps" campaign Building our Coke Campaign at the campus and Community level.=20 Expanding our presence on the Internet

** We now need the resources to maintain our hard-won momentum and carry out our campaigns.** Please take a moment to:

1. Make a contribution of $25 (or more) to the GrassRoots Recycling Network. Mail to P.O. Box 49283, Athens, Georgia=20 30604-9283. If you want your contribution to be tax deductible, make your check out to FSC/GrassRoots Recycling Network; the Fund for Southern Communities is serving as our non-profit fiscal agent.

2. Ask colleagues and friends to help. Retype this letter on your own letterhead and send it to 10 friends or colleagues who want to contribute to a better future by reducing solid and social waste.=20

3. Join us! Sign the pledge to support Zero Waste as the goal for the new millennium and indicate where you want to 'plug in' =96 on the back or on the separate green card.

Thank you for your help. Together we can mobilize a grassroots movement for zero waste.



Rick Anthony, California Resource Recovery Association, San Diego, =20 CA Rick Best, Californians Against Waste, Sacramento CA=20 Resa Dimino, Nonprofit Recycling Council of the National Recycling =20 Coalition, Bronx NY George Dreckmann, Recycling Coordinator, Madison WI=20 David Kirkpatrick, KirkWorks, Durham NC=20 Alicia Lyttle, student, Tulane University, New Orleans LA=20 Brenda Platt, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Washington DC=20 Maurice Sampson, Clean Water Action & Niche Recycling, Philadelphia =20 PA=20 Bill Sheehan, Chair - Sierra Club National Waste Committee, Athens GA

P.S. Contributions of $25, $50, $100 or more are needed urgently.=20 All contributions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support!

******************************* PLEASE RETURN THIS PART

Yes, I support the GrassRoots Recycling Network's campaign to conserve resources and make Zero Waste =96 the elimination of solid and social waste -- the goal for the new millennium.

Name: =20 Organization: =20 Address: =20 City/State/Zip: =20 Tel.(home): =20 Tel.(work): =20 Fax: =20 Email: =20 Comments: =20

******************************* Below are listed some of the organizations and individuals that have supported GRRN initiatives and actions:


Kate Krebs Arcata Community Recycling, Arcata CA Rhys Roth Atmosphere Alliance, Olympia WA Peter Dreckmeier Bay Area Action, CA John Hunting Beldon Fund, Washington DC * David Hurd Bronx 2000, NY Rick Anthony California Resource Recovery Association, CA Rick Best Californians Against Waste, Sacramento CA Alan Silverstein Center for Ecological Technology, Pittsfield MA Ann McGovern Compost Forever, Inc. Ann Gerace Conservation Consultants, Inc. Ted Ward Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority, CA Juan Ruiz, P.E. E & C Consulting Engineers, Lawrenceville =20 GA Gretchen Brewer Earth Circle Recycling and Conservation, CA Emily Miggins Earth Island Institute, Rethink Paper Project, CA Eric Lombardi EcoCycle, Boulder CO Mary Applehof Flowerfield Enterprises, Kalamazoo MI David Stitzhal Full Circle Environmental, Inc., Seattle WA Lance King Grassroots Recycling Network, Sacramento CA Alicia Culver Government Purchasing Project, Washington DC Harvey Wasserman Greenpeace U.S.A., Senior Advisor, OH Andy Mahler Heartwood, Bloomington IN Ford Schurmann, Jr. Infinity Recycling, Chestertown MD Brenda Platt Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Washington DC Dave Kirkpatrick KirkWorks, Durham NC A. Bradley Knox County Solid Waste Department Dennis Livingston Community Resources, Baltimore MD Amy Perry MASSPIRG, Boston MA Bob Ginsburg Midwest Labor Research Center, Chicago IL Inge Theisen National Asian Pacific Center Jim McNelly NaturTech Composting Systems, MN Resa Dimino Nonprofit Recycling Council (NRC) Judi Enck NYPIRG, NY Maurice Sampson Pied Piper Institute, Philadelphia PA Jim Knox Planning and Conservation League, Sacramento CA Tim Keating Rainforest Relief Peter Anderson RecycleWorlds Consulting, Madison WI Tania Levy Recycling Analyst, City of Berkeley, CA Cathy Evans Recycling Consultant, CA Jim Crater Recycling Services, Inc., Pottstown PA Jeffrey Smedberg Santa Cruz County Public Works, CA Beverly Marshall SEMREX, Winona MN Jacy Davis Solana Recyclers, Encinitas CA Lynn Landes Solid Waste Chair, Pennsylvania Sierra Club Jeffrey Morris Sound Resources Group, Seattle WA Mary Tkach St. Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium, MN Shelli Graff The Pickup Artists, Los Angeles CA Pete Pasterz The Recyclers, East Lansing MI Dan Knapp Urban Ore, Inc., Berkeley CA Elizabeth Schrag Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation Sonya Newenhouse WasteCap, Madison WI John Young Worldwatch Institute, Washington DC *

* Affiliation for identification purposes only


Ruth Abbe Northern California Recycling Assoc. Dwight Adams Sierra Club - National Waste Committee Peter Anderson Recycle Worlds Rick Anthony CRRA Mary Appelhof Flowerfield Enterprises=20 Susan Barr Nelson Activist Rick Best Californians Against Waste Carolyn Chase Earth Day Network Linda Christopher Garbage Reincarnation Shay Clark St. John Citizens for Environmental Justice Alicia Culver Government Purchasing Project Sarah L. Cunningham Paddlewheel Alliance & MSD Jeanne Davies Sierra Club Waste Comm Roger Diedrich Sierra Club--Virginia Chapter Resa Dimino Non-Profit Recycling Council Pat Franklin Container Recycling Institute Henry Kaku Garbage Reincarnation Lance King Livewell Environmental Designs & Resources David Kirkpatrick KirkWorks Marty Kirkwood The Plactory Dan Knapp Urban Ore, Inc. Kate Krebs Arcata Community Recycling Center Adele Kushner Action for a Clean Environment Lynn Landes Zero Waste America, Inc. Dennis Livingston Community Resources Herman Lodge Burke County Commission Eric Lombardi Eco-Cycle, Inc.=20 Alicia Lyttle Tulane Environmental Law Clinic Nancy Malaret Washington Citizens for Resource Conservation Larry Martin The Other Economic Summit Jack Martin Rural Recycling Institute Tony Martin Sierra Club Edgar Miller National Recycling Coalition Pete Pasterz The Recyclers Robert Pregulman USPIRG -Georgia Chapter Brenda Platt Institute for Local Self-Reliance Robin Salsburg Monterey Regional Waste Management District Ann Schneider CRRA/RRaRC, UCSC-BEAC Ford Schumann Infinity Recycling, Inc. Neil Seldman Institute for Local Self-Reliance Bill Sheehan Sierra Club - National Waste Committee Damu Smith Greenpeace Helen Spiegelman Recycling Council of British Columbia Steve Suess Plactory/CRRA Rev. Willie Tomlin CSRA (GA) Enterprise Commission Gail Vittori Center for Maximum Potential Bldg. Systems Tedd Ward California Resource Recovery Association Joann Wilkerson Boggs Rural Life Center Sybil Willingham Willingham Worm Farm Cat Wilt Univ. of Tennessee Bob Woodall Georgia Sierra Club John Young Freelance writer Janet & Lou Zeller Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

CO-SIGNERS OF GRRN LETTER TO COCA-COLA CEO,=20 MARCH 19, 1997 (In addition to the GRRN Steering Committee):

Planning and Conservation League (Sacramento CA) Natural Resources Defense Council (Los Angeles CA) Californians Against Waste (Sacramento CA) Georgia Sierra Club (Atlanta GA) Glynn Environmental Coalition (Brunswick GA) Action for a Clean Environment (Homer GA) Save Atlanta's Fragile Environment (Atlanta GA) (NOTE: additional individuals and organizations have signed on=20 since March 19)

************************ Bill Sheehan Zero Waste Associates 268 Janice Drive Athens GA 30606 Tel & Fax 706-208-1416 ************************


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 12:19:06 -0700 (PDT) From: "David A. Kirkpatrick" <> Subject: Loss on Timber/Win on Mining

ROAD VOTE: An amendment to the Interior Appropriations bill offered by=20 Senator Richard Bryan (D-NV) to reduce the Forest Service's timber=20 roads budget failed by a narrow margin of 49-51. Senator Bryan, who=20 referred to the program as "food stamps for the timber industry,"=20 criticized the environmentally damaging subsidy. Western Ancient=20 Forest Campaign reports "the vote would have been 50-50 but Senator=20 Bryan switched his vote to `no' in order to allow.a revote. If Vice=20 President Al Gore had been present he could have cast the tie-breaking=20 vote." AP reported on 9/17 that nearly one-third of the $40 million=20 logging-road credits went to just three large timber companies.

BUMPERS PREVAILS: The Mineral Policy Center reports the Senate=20 unanimously approved a substitute amendment offered by Senator Dale=20 Bumpers (D-AR) to the 1998 Interior Appropriations bill that allows a=20 federal rule-making process aimed at strengthening environmental=20 regulations for mining on public lands to continue. Stephen D'Esposito=20 of the Mineral Policy Center said, "With this vote mining companies=20 have been put on notice that the government will not ignore=20 environmentally-destructive mining practices that leave taxpayers with=20 exorbitant cleanup bills."

GREENLines, Thurs., Sept. 18, 1997 from GREEN,=20 the GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network,=20 A project of Defenders of Wildlife=20 (505) 277-8302 or email


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 09:43:21 -0700 From: Richard Anthony <> Subject: Resolution


Whereas, we live in a world of finite resources where society cannot be sustained without careful conservation of natural resources; and

Whereas, inadequate attention to resource recycling is contributing to resource depletion, air and water pollution, and economic inefficiency; and

Whereas, the materials discarded daily in the U.S. could help assure availability of basic materials for our manufacturing industries; and

Whereas, the states and cities could reduce their expensive burden of solid waste by one third to one half in markets for recyclable materials; and

Whereas, a National Recycling Policy could encourage the growth of markets for recyclable materials.

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Board of Directors and the membership of the National Recycling Coalition petition the President and Congress of the U.S. to instruct the administrative agencies and departments, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Interior, Commerce, Agriculture, and Treasury, to prepare recommendations and guidelines establishing a National Recycling Policy utilizing data already developed by the Council on Environmental Quality, the National Commission on Supplies and Shortages, and the National Commission on Materials Policy.

Now Therefore, Be It Further Resolved that this policy shall encourage and provide incentives for the development and use of goods produced from recycled materials and reduce unfair competition from and subsidies for non-renewable resource industries.=20 It shall be delivered to the President and the Congress within 12 months of the execution of this resolution.

Consensus resolution approved by the NRC Board Of Directors, Columbus, Ohio, 1985.

This resolution was also passed by the State of California(1986) in both houses and sent forward to the Federal level. And yet......=20


Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 05:52:21 -0500 From: (Heidi Hellemeyer) Subject: sign-off

Please take me off this listserve.

Thank You!


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 10:10:23 -0400 (EDT) From: Frank Ackerman <> Subject: What Is Zero Waste?

A couple of comments on the economics in the April Zero Waste strategy statement that Bill Sheehan posted:

First, is it really appropriate to compare Zero Waste to balancing the Federal budget? Economists are by no means unanimous in supporting a balanced budget; generally it is a conservative goal, favored by budget-cutters who are looking for good excuses to get rid of most of the civilian government. More liberal types often suggest that what matters is the ratio of the deficit to national income -- and by that standard, the U.S. deficit is no longer terribly large (it was much bigger at the height of the Reagan tax-cutting mania, but has been sharply reduced). It is even possible that the economy runs more smoothly with a modest, limited level of government debt, though this is much debated. Is that really the analogy we're looking for? (Does the economy run more smoothly with a certain level of waste? Certainly we hope not.)

Second, is waste reduction, or zero waste, simply a principle to be tacked on at the end of traditional profit-maximization and free enterprise, as the statement suggests? Many of the writers in the new school of ecological economics have talked about the potential conflict between unbridled competitive capitalism and ecological sustainability; Hermann Daly is the best known of these authors. (For instance, see Daly and Cobb, "For the Common Good", a Beacon Press book that came out a few years ago.) We could do much better in relating waste-related goals to the broader discussion of economics and the environment.=20


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 22:09:01 -0600 (MDT) From: Eco-Cycle <> Subject: What Is Zero Waste?

Thank you Bill for bringing back the "What Is ZeroWaste" one-pager.. it may not be perfect, but it does deliver the most important message which is that ZeroWaste is NOT just a doubling of the 50% California diversion goal. Our opposition will try to position the issue that way, in fact they already did in Waste News a couple of months ago.

Since Rock Eagle, I have given numerous public speeches about ZeroWaste, and the angle which all audiences seem to relate to is that it is a "design principle for the future which we must begin today".

In principle, the membership of the NRC is with us... so I agree with Steve that staying away from the details at this point is prudent.

Let's harvest our supporters in Orlando, not fall prey to infighting which the garbage industry would enjoy watching.

Eric Lombardi, EcoCycle

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Bill Sheehan wrote:

> The document below was drafted by numerous participants at the > Rock Eagle Zero Waste Campaign Kick-Off Conference in Georgia > last April. Thought it might be appropriate in light of all > the discussion on zero waste on these e-waves lately. > --Bill S. >=20 > WHAT IS ZERO WASTE? >=20 > ZeroWaste is not a goal, it is a planning approach for the 21st > Century. Just as the Balanced Federal Budget is good for all > Americans, so too is the new ZeroWaste planning strategy. Just > as the budget may never get balanced and our society may never > eliminate all waste, both of these ideas are visions for the > future which inspire and give hope to our children. [sounds > negative - already giving up] >=20 > Is ZeroWaste necessary? As human populations and material > needs increase dramatically, the natural systems which sustain > us are suffering from accelerated degradation. Over the next > forty years, our society will change in almost every way.=20 > ZeroWaste defines the discipline required to create a more > sustainable intercourse with our natural world. >=20 > The American economic system stands for individual freedom, > free markets and making a profit. GRN wishes to add to that a > design principle for making money with the least amount of > pollution, the greatest number of new jobs, and the greatest > degree of local economic self-reliance which rewards the > entrepreneur that protects the environment for our children. >=20 > Our Three Platforms are: > _ ZeroWaste - Or Pretty Darn Close! > _ Create Jobs, Not Waste > _ End Corporate Subsidies For Waste >=20 > Activities which GRN will be supporting at the grassroots > across the nation: >=20 > (1) Tax Shifting. Instead of giving incentives for wasting, we > should give tax credits and economic incentives for reducing > waste and utilizing recovered materials. >=20 > (2) Manufacturers Responsibility. Garbage collection and waste > management is an unfunded mandate which falls almost entirely > on local governments. Manufacturers and producers of the > products that become waste need to share in that > responsibility. >=20 > (3) Minimum-Content Standards. Manufacturers need to help > close the loop by using the materials collected in local > recycling programs to manufacture new products. >=20 > (4) Unit-Pricing for Trash. Residents and businesses need to > be given the incentive to reduce waste and recycle through > variable garbage rate. The public should have the opportunity > to eliminate their garbage bill if they achieve Zero Waste. >=20 > (5) Full-Cost Accounting and Life-Cycle Analysis. Any analysis > needs to involve a full accounting of the economic and > environmental benefits of waste prevention and recycling, > including avoided tipping fees, lower energy and water usage, > reduced air and water pollution, lower material costs for > production >=20 > (6) Ending subsidies for the extraction of virgin resources.=20 > The time has come to put an end to subsidies to the resource > extraction industries=20 >=20 > (7) Creating Jobs Through Reuse and Recycling. Waste > prevention and recycling provides a tremendous opportunity to > create jobs and initiate new business ventures. >=20 > (8) Enacting Campaign Finance Reform. Much of resistance to > change our resource policies come from the industries who > profit from waste and are control the agenda in federal, state > and local governments. >=20 > (9) Taking Consumer Action Against Wasteful Activities. =20 >=20 > ### >=20 > ************************ > Bill Sheehan > Zero Waste Associates > 268 Janice Drive > Athens GA 30606 > Tel & Fax 706-208-1416 > > ************************ >=20


Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 15:03:05 -0400 From: "Bill Sheehan" <> Subject: Zero Waste in Orlando

For those interested in Zero Waste and who are going to the National Recycling Congress in Orlando next week, here are some policy-related forums that will address GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) issues:

Monday 9 AM to 12 noon National Issues Roundtable:=20 Is Recycling Really an Economic Basket-Case? Brenda Platt, Frank Ackerman and others

Tuesday 9 AM to 10:30 AM The Next Wave of Recycling Steven Suess, John Young and others

Tuesday, 1 PM to 4 PM GRRN Open Forum =96 all invited!

Wednesday, 10 AM to 12 noon Recycling In the Political Environment Sen. Donzella James, Rick Best, Bill Sheehan and =20 others

************************ Bill Sheehan Zero Waste Associates 268 Janice Drive Athens GA 30606 Tel & Fax 706-208-1416 ************************


End of GreenYes Digest V97 #225 ******************************