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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 12:24:12 -0500 From: "Linda Shotwell" <> Subject: NRC Newsrelease

The following newsrelease was issued by the National Recycling=20 Coalition last Thursday, December 11th. Please e-mail or=20 telephone me (703/683-9025 ext. 205) in the event I can provide=20 any additional information. Linda Shotwell.


ALEXANDRIA, VA (December 11, 1997) =97At its December 6th meeting in Alexandria, Va., the National Recycling Coalition=92s (NRC) Board of Directors voted to consider broadening NRC=92s mission. It also voted to reaffirm the Coalition=92s position on eliminating virgin material subsidies that adversely impact recycling.

The NRC Board of Directors voted to revisit the Coalition=92s mission as a continuation of its strategic planning efforts and in response to a motion brought forward by NRC members who are advocating a holistic view of resource conservation, environmental protection, and economic development under the rubric of =93Zero Waste.=94 The Coalition is considering broadening its mission to a more comprehensive view of materials management, encompassing resource management and raw materials utilization issues, product design and stewardship considerations as well as recycling and reuse strategies.=20

=93Traditionally, the NRC has been an advocate for diverting material from disposal and into productive reuse and recycling,=94 said NRC President Catherine Wilt. =93The Board will now look at the strategic opportunities that may be gained by expanding our view to =93upstream=94 issues that impact how resources are used before they become waste.=94

The NRC Board will seek broad membership input regarding its mission, and use this input to create a new mission statement and advocacy strategy. =93In crafting that strategy, we will capitalize on NRC=92s strengths: the diversity of its membership and its ability to forge partnerships among the corporate, nonprofit, grassroots and governmental communities,=94 said Dan Kemna, chair of the NRC Board=92s Strategic Planning Committee.

In a separate action, NRC=92s Board of Directors reaffirmed the Coalition=92s stand on seeking the elimination of virgin material subsidies that adversely impact the demand for recycled materials and products. It directed its Policy Work Group to analyze a list of subsidies prepared by Taxpayers for Common Sense and the Materials Efficiency Project, two Washington, D.C. based organizations focused on the issue. Based on its analysis, the Work Group will recommend to the Board an advocacy approach for addressing those subsidies that are of concern to the NRC membership. For more information on either Board action, contact Linda Shotwell, NRC Director of Communications, at 703/683-9025 ext. 205.


The National Recycling Coalition is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting recycling as an integral part of waste and resource management. Its 4,700 members include recycling and environmental organizations, large and small businesses, state and local governments, and individuals. The Coalition, based in Alexandria, Va., disseminates public information and operates programs that encourage recycling market and economic development.


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