NEW GRN Steering Cmtee Nominees
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:59:35 -0500

New GRN Steering Committee Nominees

The Grassroots Recycling Network will be hosting its first national
conference to launch a Zero Waste Action Campaign on April 5 - 7, 1997. At
that conference, we will expand the GRN Steering Committee as well as
organize into several active working groups. In order for individuals or
groups interested in volunteering for the Steering Committee to have an
opportunity to serve for the 1997 - 98 year even if they cannot attend the
conference in Atlanta, we are extending an invitation for nominees. If you
or someone you know is willing to work to move forward the GRN agenda as
articulated in the discussion on this listserv and the position papers that
have been distributed, please respond directly to myself (Bill Sheehan, GRN
Steering Committee Chair) with further information on yourself and your
organization at the email address listed below.

Steering Committee members must be active in promoting waste prevention,
reuse, recycling and composting at the grassroots, community-based level and
be willing to contribute at least five hours per week. Current Steering
Committee members who are willing to continue to serve with new
members confirmed in Atlanta are:

Bill Sheehan, Sierra Club National Waste Committee,
Rick Anthony, California Resource Recovery Association,
Resa Domino, Nonprofit Recyclers Council,
Lance King, Livewell Environmental Designs & Resources,
David Kirkpatrick, KirkWorks,
Brenda Platt, Institute for Local Self-Reliance,
Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self-Reliance,