Nuclear Waste Fund (was: S-104)

Shaggy (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:56:41 -0500


Carol K. Coney wrote:
>How appropriate that this vote is scheduled to come up on April 15...Tax
>Day! Let's remember that even in this post Cold War era, taxpayers are
>still offering up 50% of each of their tax dollars to the
>military-industrial complex and the war-profiteering that continues
>unabated in this bellicose country. Transmission of weapons-grade nuclear
>materials is just one part of the larger ugly picture.

Also don't forget that 1/10 of a cent, for EVERY SINGLE kilowatt hour we
use that is produced by nuclear generation, goes into the Nuclear Waste
Fund black-hole... $12 billion+ have been accumulated in the NWF since its
formation by the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982. Last estimates I
received were that half that amount has already gone into research and
site characterization projects for sites such as Yucca Mountain, with NO
progress made in handling the wastes themselves. What I'm trying to say
is, we're being financially raped from all sides here!

Keep the activism strong and alive, brother!