Hearing at BS on 4/15 re waste system divestiture

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:56:52 -0500


The San Diego County Board of Supervisors will be voting on April 15 to
proceed with the process leading to the sale of the Solid Waste system
including: Borrego landfill, Otay Landfill, Otay Annex landfill, Ramona
Landfill, Sycamore Landfill, all owned or leased solid waste bin sites,
Palomar Transfer Station and North County MRF. On 4/15 it will be Agenda
Item 36.

The proposed timetable is:
4/29 : letter of Interest Due
5/7 - 6/24 Due Diligence; purchase and sale agreement mark up
6/24 Binding Proposals Due
8/12/97 - Closing, Board of Sups adopts an Ordinance and executes purchase
and sale agreement.

Unless an offer by other public agencies is tendered the system is set to
be privatized and profitized.

Environmentally and conservation-wise, this is moving in the wrong direction.
Who actually believes that having the system sold to the private sector
will reduce taxpayers costs for waste?

It would rather lead to increasing San Diego's commitment and dependence on
profit from waste, leading to incentives for more waste.

Please contact your Board member and express your support for the County to
retain the public's assets for the public good, or to give preference to a
bid from other public entities with public accountability.

Contact the:
Board of Supervisors:
District 1: Greg Cox 531-5511 FAX: 557-4025
District 2: Dianne Jacob 531-5522 FAX: 696-7253
District 3: Pam Slater 531-5533 FAX: 234-1559
District 4: Chair Ron Roberts 531-5544 FAX: 685-2252
District 5: Bill Horn 531-5555 FAX: 685-2662

Board of Supervisors 1600 Pacific Highway San Diego 92101

If you're not sure which District you're in call the Clerk of the Board of
Supervisors, at 531-5600.