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I'm sure you had many other replies to this. Sure coke has competitors who
share some blame, but coke seems to have been more greedy and more of a
bully in disregarding common sense.

As for the retirement funds, I do feel sorry for the retiree's, but who is
to blame? The retirement fund managers and coke management.

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>Regarding the call to boycott Coke...........I do not understand you people
>blasting an American icon like Coke simply because they are high profile and
>easy to castigate. Don't you realize they are only part of the soft drink
>industry.....they have competitors....I'm sure that does not mean anything to
>you.....they also have stockholders, including many retirement funds
>unions, State employees, etc . etc.] All you people are going to accomplish
>to bring more acrimony down upon yourselves and the environmental movement as
>whole. Why don't you get off it. Get a life and do something usefull for a