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Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:55:13 -0500


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Subject: Coke Recycling

Mr. Irvine,
Yet again the only response you can muster is a
confrontational, negative one. This list is about expressing our
opinions, but please do so in a less negative manner.

In regards to your comments:

>Don't you realize they are only part of the soft drink industry ..... they
competitors .... I'm sure that does not mean anything to you ..... they also
have stockholders, including many retirement funds [teachers, unions, State >
employees, etc., etc.]

Why does it matter that they are 'only' a part of the soft drink industry?
are producing incredible quantities of waste, and GRN wanted them to reduce
waste. Also, according to the survey I just recieved, making the change to
reusable bottles would not hurt their productivity. I believe you recieved
email as well:

'The survey found that 90% of respondents thought Coke
should use returnable refillable bottles, and a similar
number would return empties for a 20c refund.

Sixty two percent of those surveyed were Coke consumers.
Only 5% of existing Coke consumers would not buy Coke
in returnable refillable containers. However, more than 50%
of non-Coke-consumers would buy Coke if it were
available in refillable bottles.'

>Why don't you get off it. Get a life and do something usefull for a change!!!

These people ARE doing something. They are working for a major change in the
way bottles are recycled. Why don't you stop attacking other people's efforts
and do something useful' yourself?

Greg Westin