Re: In relation to their recyclablility and markets
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:54:38 -0500

Susan writes:
>In relation to their recyclablility and markets:
>What is the difference between a PETE soft drink container and a PETE
>container that houses certified organic lettuce/alfalfa sprouts? They
>both say PETE on the bottom.
>What is the difference between clear glass spice jars and other clear
>glass containers that hold liquids?
>What is the difference between HDPE that containerizes milk or water
>and those that contain liquids to wash vegetables?
>Are we losing all markets for plastics or are only certain types of
>plastics made from HDPE and PETE marketable?
>I don't understand?
>Susan Snow

Simplistic as it may sound, it is only when there is a hue and cry about
plastics will anything change - here in South Africa, we have learnt how to
make change happen: (rainbow nation, remember?)

Be an activist, and resort to mass action as often as possible, with the
most horrific information that you can garner - it takes some time, but it

Kind Regards
Mr. Muna Lakhani

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