Zero Emissions Research Initiative

David A. Kirkpatrick (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:54:27 -0500

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The Zero Emissions Research Initiative of the United Nations University

The ZERI Foundation Charter
The Zero Emissions Research Initiative of the UNU brings together the
research centers of excellence, key industrial policy makers and corporate
leaders in an effort to eliminate all forms of waste from industrial
processes. In line with the quest for zero defects (total quality) and zero
inventory (just-in-time), zero emissions will become the industry standard.
The UNU serves as the initiator and coordinator, launching both the
scientific research which will lead to breakthrough technologies
facilitating zero emissions, as well as the design of sustainable industrial

Mission Statement
The Zero Emissions Research Initiative will undertake scientific research,
involving centers of excellence from
around the world with the objective of achieving technological breakthroughs
which will facilitate manufacturing
without any form of waste, i.e. no waste in the water, no waste in the air,
no solid waste. All waste is to be
converted into value added ingredients for other industries. ZERI also
assists governments at all levels in the
design of social and economic policy options for sustainable growth.