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Lynn Landes
From: St. Paul Energy Consortium[]
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 1997 6:37 PM
To: GreenYes@UCSD.EDU
Subject: help! hhw landfills question

Does anyone know anything about Class C, industrial waste landfills?

If a landfill is designed to be 20 above the ground when it is "done" does
it make a difference if its permit is later changed to be 60 feet? Will the
same liner/leachate collection system work? Are there other technical
concerns? Does it matter if the permit is changed to now include haz.
waste, not just industrial waste? Will it matter if incinerator ash is put
into one cell? Are there any other concerns about leaking or off-gassing
that are different for a industrial waste landfill versus a combined
industrial waste/haz. waste/incinerator ash landfill?

Thank you for any help you can give the residents of Dakota County, MN. We
have three weeks to get our information together.
"Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium" <>

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